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Random Balance Uses High Gloss Laser Labels From To Add The Perfect Touch To Their Product Packaging!

April 04, 2013

Looking for a unique, fun, gorgeous piece of jewelry or perhaps you need a great gift idea? Want a bracelet that uses stone to reduce stress or incorporates coins from across the globe?

Meet Random Balance! Patty and Kelly are lifelong friends who started a jewelry business over a cup of coffee. “Random Balance evolved over a cup of coffee at a dinning room table, with five children among the two of us”, said the two creators of Random Balance. Adding, “We had a small startup account and the desire to create something beautiful”.

The two friends had truly walked two different paths in life, but found that together they each brought something unique to their business. “One, a jewelry designer influence by world travel and philosophy, and the other a social worker destined to run a business”, they said.

These Random Balance creations are inspired by things seen everyday. Their bracelets and necklaces are pieces that people can feel good and look great wearing! “The jewelry is inspired by the rustic quality of everyday images, we have created sterling and Thai silver charm necklaces as well as beaded wrap bracelets”, they stated.

The two owners of Random Balance order High Gloss Laser printed labels. These printed labels are used on all of their packaging, which includes tins and bags.

The High Gloss Laser material allows artwork to shine brighter. The High Gloss Laser labels that Random Balance orders look great on top of their tins. The artwork is extremely noticeable and it ties the product and packaging together flawlessly.

When asked about their experience working with, they said, “It’s such a pleasure working with”. Adding, “They responded to all of our questions promptly and accommodated every specification we requested.”

Patty and Kelly continued on about working with our Creative Associates, “They were open and willing to use our original artwork and gave us options which exceeded our expectations.” Also stating, “We would highly recommend to other artists who want a high quality representation of their images”!

If you want a unique, beautiful piece of jewelry for yourself or a friend, remember Random Balance!

Do you own any of the Random Balance jewelry? Have you ordered High Gloss Laser labels? Share your stories and experiences on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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