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Promoting Your Business On the Road with Stickers

January 15, 2015

When you run a business it is important to always try to come up with new ways to promote the business. The success of your business hinges on spreading the word about what you do whenever it is possible. This means spreading the word via word of mouth by talking about it, and also making your customers happy so they will also tell others about it.

Promotional products are another proven strategy that will get your brand in front of people. One of the best types of promotional products are custom printed stickers. Bumper stickers and window stickers are both very effective at getting people’s attention, and they are very cost effective for any budget. Stickers will get your name in front of people wherever you drive, and the more people that put them on their cars, the more exposure they will get. 

Sticker Styles

When you first set out to have stickers made for your business you need to decide what style stickers you want to use. If your budget allows for them, the best bet would be to have a couple different styles of stickers created. A few popular sticker choices that are great for promoting a business include larger sized 2.5” x 9.125” bumper stickers, smaller sized 2.625" x 5.875" stickers, or even these unique 6.534" x 2.1" arched stickers. Another option that you can choose for your stickers are round stickers, which can be smaller and convenient. The size and shape it is really up to you and how you visualize the finished product.

Another option that some people prefer are custom car window stickers, which work just as well as bumper stickers for brand awareness. 

Standing Out

When coming up with your sticker design there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. You want the stickers to stand out, but you also want people to remember some of the most important details on the sticker, which are your company name, logo, and contact information. The stickers should have large print so they can easily be read from a distance, this is especially important since they will be on moving vehicles.

The colors that you use for your stickers are also a factor in having them stand out, you want to use a color that resonates well with people, but also makes it so the stickers cannot be missed. Here is a handy guide that discusses colors and how they affect people.

Once you have decided which colors that you want to use you need to decide what the sticker will say. It may be your company slogan, or just something that is fun and witty. Whatever you go with you just want to make sure it is something that will interest people, or something that they will remember because of how witty it is.

Be sure to place your logo in a prominent position on the sticker so it is one of the first things that people see. The other essential information that needs to be on the sticker is a way for people to contact you. This should include your address, phone number, and the url to your website.


Once you get your stickers printed it is time to start distributing them. This can be done in many ways including giving them out to customers when they make a purchase, setting up booths at trade shows, and even giving them out at your local malls and grocery stores. If you have a storefront or office you should always keep a stack of the stickers right next to business cards on your counter or desk.

The more you can get your name your business in front of people, the more successful the business will be. When you think of successful brands what do you normally think of? In most cases it will be a TV or radio commercial, a witty slogan, or an amazing logo. Visibility is key, and using stickers to gain more visibility will do nothing but help.

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