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Productivity Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs

April 06, 2015
As an entrepreneur, life can get very busy at times. Knowing the best way to manage your time is important so that you get everything done that you are responsible for. Those of us with entrepreneurial minds often tend to take on more than we can handle, but without proper time management, that can spell trouble.
  • Focus With a Daily Schedule

Setting a schedule and sticking to it can make a big difference in getting your work done. It may be tough at first to adjust to a schedule if it is something new for you, but once you get used to it you will find it a life saver.
Structure is important to maintain on a daily basis, and having a set schedule that you follow to the minute is great for developing much needed structure.
  • Follow Strict Meeting Schedules

This ties in with setting a strict daily schedule. Any meetings that you are scheduled to attend during the day should start and end on time. If the meeting is going longer than the time that you have scheduled then you should excuse yourself in order to stick with the schedule and maintain daily structure.
  • Close Your Office Door to Minimize Distractions

A problem that many entrepreneurs face on a daily basis is having members of their team randomly stop by to chat about something. Even though it is work related, it is best to minimize daily distractions that are not part of your daily schedule. 
When first putting your schedule together you should make sure to set specific times aside where your door is open so team members can come and chat. Be sure to set enough time aside each week when your door is open, but this will vary depending on the size of your team.
  • Keep Work Space Organized

Having a well organized work space can be a big factor in whether or not you have a productive day. It may not directly correlate with your time schedule, but organization will make you more efficient in general because things will be easy to find. 
Spending 10-20 minutes even once a day looking for misplaced paperwork will throw your schedule off. Minimizing this problem by always putting things in the proper place and keeping organized will eliminate the potential for wasted time. 
  • Trust Your Team

If you have a team around you at the office, or even virtually, you need to trust them to do their jobs. It is essential to have the right management in place to make sure that all team members do their jobs. You also want to be sure that when you initially hire your team members they they all have strong points and can be trusted to do their jobs the right way.
  • Delegation

Delegating tasks to your team is another way to help alleviate work overload and stress. This is where the management that you put in place is very important. Trusting your team is necessary, and if you cannot trust your employees enough to delegate job duties to them, you probably should not have hired them in the first place.
  • Take Short Breaks at Scheduled Times

Following your daily schedule by the minute also means taking breaks at set times. It is not good to sit all day anyways, so getting up every so often to stretch your legs is needed.
Scheduling 15-20 minutes every 2-3 hours to stretch your legs, or grab a cup of coffee will make you happier and less stressed. Be sure to take the whole 15-20 minutes because it will also give your brain a much needed break from work.
Constant work and no breaks is a recipe for getting burnt out!
  • Checklists

Keeping a checklist of your daily to dos is another great way to keep your schedule on track. This can be done digitally with your smartphone or tablet, or you can do it right on your computer with a free checklist app. You can also do it the old fashioned way with a pen and paper, but technology makes it much easier and quicker. 

Sunday on Apr 9, 2015 in 05:04am
Hi Shawn, The details shared here are on track. Yes, I agree with each of them for they can help boost productivity for the entrepreneur. There is a clear-cut difference between "busy" and "productivity" and its good that we are reminded of this in this post. I want to add that meeting schedules and sticking with organized plans in time management to boost productivity is a function of "strong discipline". The best of entrepreneurs infuse strong discipline in carrying out their activities. I left this comment in kingged.com as well.
Lawrence Berry on Jul 2, 2015 in 01:29pm
These are some great productivity tips. I think having a daily schedule and planning your day the night before can help you save a lot of time and be very productive. When you plan ahead, you save time planning and when you stick to the plan, you get more things done. I think focus has the most influence in how much you get done. When you focus with the no distractions, you are able to get a whole lot done. Closing doors, turning off your phone, and disciplining yourself to stay off the internet when trying to accomplish tasks, these will increase your productivity ten-fold. Great post!
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