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Product Packaging Should Be Unforgettable

November 06, 2014

To be successful you need to make your products appealing. One of the biggest mistakes that many brands make when launching a new product is not spending the time and effort that is needed when it comes to product packaging. When you are brainstorming ideas for packaging it is important to be creative, and think outside of the box. Designers and brand marketers have been creating amazing packaging designs for a long time, so trying to think of something fresh is not always easy.

If you want your customers to remember your product, you need to make it memorable. To get something that will stay top of mind, it should be visually appealing from beginning to end. So naturally this starts with your package since that is when the customer will get their first impression.

Target Audience

One of the very first things that you should take into consideration is the demographics of your target audience. This will have one of the biggest impacts on what direction you should go with your packaging. For example, if your target market is college students and you make a food product you can consider making the package something that is useful in more than one way. In this case say it is a frozen pizza, you can make the packaging so it is microwaveable, but also folds into a plate after the product is cooked. Multi use packaging is a great way to help the environment by cutting down on waste, plus you are creating something that will be very often helpful for busy college students.

With any form of marketing and communication this is one of the most important fundamentals. You should always know your target audience, and if you do not, then you should take the time to learn who that audience is. If you do not take the time to do this then you are ultimately setting yourself up for failure. When you take the time to know your audience, you will find it much easier when brainstorming design ideas.


The colors that you go with on your package and labels will also have an impact on the consumer. Different colors help bring up different emotions in people. There are many guides to help you understand how colors can affect emotions, here are some of the basics in the form of an image thanks to The Logo Company.


Colors can also come into play depending on whether you are targeting men or women. Different colors appeal to different genders, so choose accordingly depending on the target audience. If your product is for men then you may want to go with brighter colors, and for women you can go with softer colors. There are some universal colors that are great for both men and women, these include colors such as blue, white, gray, silver, or black. These are perfect colors for products that are not gender specific.

The font that you decide to use on all of your packaging and labeling should be a font that is extremely easy to read. There will be rare exceptions, one example would be if your brand logo is meant to be fancy looking with a unique font. In a case like that the font does not matter, where it does matter is when discussing things about the product such as usage, unique selling points, and anything else that you want the consumer to know about the product immediately. 


The construction of your package is another one of the MOST important things to keep in mind. The whole point of the package is to protect the contents, so creating something that is durable and will hold up through shipping and handling. When designing the package you must take into account that the box could get tossed around during shipping, which means that the package should be durable enough to hold up in that situation. You must also consider the fact that the package could get exposed to the elements at times, so good packaging should be able to last during periods of excessive humidity and moisture.

Information/Legal Requirements

Something else that always needs to be done on all product packaging is having any important information included on it. This would mean any instructions for use, unique product attributes, ingredients (when applicable), and manufacturer information. This is also where any information that is needed by law should be. When designing the package you just need to be sure that you have room for all of these things to be on the package. In most cases there are legal requirements of certain types of information that must be included in packaging. Different countries have different standards when it comes to packaging, so you need to be sure that you know these requirements so they can be adhered to.

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