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Printing Candle Labels? Make Sure Your Labels Can Handle Heat

December 01, 2016

Whether you sell candles for decorative use, holidays, aromatherapy, or other purposes, you need to make sure that your custom labels can handle the heat of the flame while remaining as attractive and delicate as the candle itself. Nobody wants their candle labels to melt or wither away when exposed to heat, and it’s important that your labels withstand contact with heat and oils or customers may not purchase your product again in the future.

Find a Perfect Balance

Candles are meant to be attractive, but manufacturers must remember that candle labels should be attractive yet durable at the same time. Let’s say that a candle looks and smells great, but its product label isn’t heatproof and it melts or withers away after the first time it has been lit. Consumers probably won’t purchase the product again, even if the candle itself looks and smells amazing.

On the other hand, if a candle and its label looks strong and durable but doesn’t contain any other attractive qualities, shoppers will probably choose a competitor’s item because the candle doesn’t look the way they want it to.

So, what’s the secret to selling attractive yet durable candles? Finding a good balance between functional yet attractive candles that look and smell great, but also labels that remain resistant to several conditions such as wax and heat.  

Heat Resistant Labels for Candles

At SheetLabels.com, durable yet attractive labels are just one of our many specialties. View our selection of temperature resistant labels and experiment with materials such as foil, semi-gloss, clear, or metalized paper.

We can help you to create labels that provide the best of both worlds so products look attractive, professional, and sophisticated, while remaining strong, durable, and resistant to certain temperature conditions.

Other Important Factors to Consider

When choosing custom labels for your candles, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions before deciding on a candle label.

First, decide whether your label will be placed on the candle itself or if it’ll be applied to a container, jar, or wrapper. Manufacturers have better luck placing labels on containers, jars, or wrappers rather than on the candle itself since the wax makes the label difficult to cling to. Also, soy has a lower melting point than other types of wax so the label has an increased risk of getting damaged when applied directly to the candle.

Next, decide how your labels will be applied. Will they be applied by machine or by hand? Machine applied labels are often an easier solution since machines help to eliminate application mistakes or bubbling (which is often the result of trapped air).

Lastly, you should decide if your candle container will be tapered or not. Tapered containers are more difficult to label but are often more visually appealing than non-tapered containers. Tapered containers are sometimes more expensive to label as well.

Considering these important factors before printing your candle labels will save you time and money in the future. Plus, you’ll ensure that your customers are satisfied and are not disappointed with their purchase after they light the candle for the first, second, or third time.

Many consumers use candles for extended periods of time so it’s important that your candle labels be able to withstand for heat for as long as possible.

To learn more about candle labels, give us a call at (888) 388-2502.  

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