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Schott’s Cookies Have Teamed Up With The Premium White Uncoated Material For The Best Packaging Around!

October 04, 2012

As summer has faded into the cool fall months it has become better weather for those who love to bake. Warming the house with the sweet smell of tasty desserts is what fall is all about.

Everyone has a signature dish whether it is an appetizer, main course or delectable dessert. But, how does one become the creator of the best cookie on earth?

The owner of Schott’s Cookies knows how. The answer is simple, participate in a friendly cookie baking contest with your wife against your friends, win first place, change the recipe and experiment with ingredients from all over the world and then you have the best tasting cookie around!

This company and the owners Mike and Zariq have always been determined to help others. Instead of waiting until they were a successful company, they started giving as they were growing and still continue to do so. For every dozen cookies purchased at Schott’s they donate to local charities and people in need.

Mike said, “we would like to reach a point where we are selling 1,000 dozens per month. When we get to that point we can do some magical things.” The goal for Schott’s is to be able to feed more people and change lives through paid education!

It’s ideas and goals like the ones set in place by Schott’s owners that help keep the passion for the company burning. “Passion is a physical ingredient,” said Mike. Maybe that is one of the many key ingredients for developing a scrumptious cookie!

Not only does Schott’s help people in need they also offer cookies for people with different dietary needs, including; gluten free, dairy free and even vegan!

Schott’s has been ordering Premium White Uncoated Permanent printed labels to use for their packaging. The color of the print on their Premium White Uncoated Permanent labels allows their labels to blend perfectly with their packaging needs and allows the artwork and text to shine!

“SheetLabels.com has been great to work with for our company,” said Mike about his experience of ordering printed labels. Adding, “they are quick in their turn around, the quality of my labels are perfect and the price is extremely competitive. For an upstart company like mine, a great quality label at an excellent price is what we are all looking for!”

Let us know on either our Facebook or Twitter page if you’ve had the opportunity to try Schott’s Cookies! Also let us know how you use your Premium White Uncoated Permanent labels! Do you buy them blank or printed?

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