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From Custom Printed Chocolates To Premium White Uncoated Labels, The Chocolate Canvas Is Far From Ordinary!

October 11, 2012

Chocolate comes in so many different ways. There’s milk chocolate, dark chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate and even unsweetened chocolate. You can get chocolate covered pretzels and strawberries, chocolate baked into cookies and even… printed chocolate!

Meet The Chocolate Canvas, a family run business in Massachusetts. This business has the ability to print full color, edible photos on their chocolate creations at the request of their consumers.

Andy Calvano and his family started this company as an in-between, unique project from their full-time job as house flippers.

Chocolate is an easy, eatable and memorable way for companies to get great promotion. These chocolates make for interesting, unique and personalized gift ideas, especially around different holidays.

With custom printing, the possibilities are endless. Printed pumpkins for fall, hearts for Valentines Day, your company logo for a job fair or even party favors at a wedding.

This business the Calvano’s run, allow their customers to take charge, feel important and create unique memories.

The Chocolate Canvas family uses the Premium White Uncoated Permanent material for their labeling needs. Originally they purchased small quantities of labels but, as their creative business took off and they began developing their products, they’ve stuck with their original choice of the Premium White Uncoated Permanent material and grown those ordering numbers to match the number of printed chocolate going out their door!

“SheetLabels.com has been a great company to work with”, said Andy. Adding “after spending some time researching label companies we decided to go with SheetLabels.com because of the ease of their website, their great prices and now that we have used them, the quality of their labels.”

Chocolate for some people is a form of art. The benefit of The Chocolate Canvas is that each individual customer gets to be his or her own artist or designer!

Let us know if you’ve had the opportunity to order printed chocolate from The Chocolate Canvas! What did you use your chocolate for?

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Nick Dunphy, I'm shipping you bottle of sauce! What an awesome job on my labels. They match what I created and sent to be printed, perfectly. Pre cut saves me time, and the backing peels off extremely easily with no hassles. The pricing, quality, and customer service is the best I have found... read more
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The website is awesome and it makes it so easy to reorder items and we usually get the labels in just a few days. Always recommend this company to friends. Thank you for your service.
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