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Choose The Polyester Label Materials For All Of Your Labeling Projects That Lie Ahead!

April 08, 2013

Are you trying to label soap, homemade jam, water bottles or outdoor equipment? Do your products get wet? It sounds like you need weatherproof labels!

Here at SheetLabels.com we offer weatherproof materials for our customers. These weatherproof labels are polyester materials. We have five different polyester materials to fit all of your labeling needs. They are:

  1. White Polyester Laser Weatherproof
  2. Removable White Polyester Laser Weatherproof
  3. Crystal Clear Gloss Laser Weatherproof
  4. Frosty Clear Matte Laser Weatherproof
  5. Silver Matte Polyester Laser Weatherproof
  6. High-Tack White Polyester Laser Weatherproof (sold only as printed labels)

The polyester materials are not only weatherproof but they’re also extremely durable. Each of the polyester materials is tear-resistant. This makes the polyester materials perfect for any rough and tough labeling jobs you may have!

Our customers can order these labels as simply blank labels or have them custom printed. The white background of the White Polyester, Removable White Polyester and High-Tack White Polyester materials really allows artwork and text to standout!

If you’re trying to find a label that blends in with the products it’s being adhered to while still allowing your artwork to shine, you need the Crystal Clear Gloss Polyester or Frosty Clear Matte Polyester materials.

Are you labeling dangerous equipment? The Silver Matte Polyester material stands out whether it’s indoors or outdoors!

Not only are the polyester materials durable and weatherproof, but the Removable Polyester and High-Tack Polyester materials serve specific purposes.

The Removable Polyester Weatherproof material has a permanent adhesive. But, these labels can be removed with ease from walls, glass surfaces and even plastic!

The High-Tack White Polyester Weatherproof material is our most permanent label. The adhesive on these labels is extra sticky. It’s for that reason that we only sell the high-tack material as custom printed labels!

If you’re looking for labels for a tough labeling job, choose the polyester materials. Remember, they’re durable, tear-resistant and weatherproof!

Have you ever used the polyester weatherproof materials? What did you use your polyester weatherproof labels for? Share your stories and experiences on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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