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The Perfect Label Materials for Arts & Crafts

December 02, 2014

Arts and crafts are hobbies enjoyed by millions, and crafty folks can make some amazing crafts out of random odds and ends found around the house. Blank labels can really come in handy when it comes to crafts since they can be used in so many ways. In this post we will go over a few different types of label materials that can work great for some of your best craft projects.

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Gold & Silver Foil

These materials really stand out, which makes them a good choice for all different types of crafts. The gold foil and silver foil labels both have a semi reflective surface and a permanent adhesive. Silver and gold are perfect colors for the holiday season, so if you are making holiday related crafts then these would be the perfect labels for the job. This material can also be cut with scissors into fun shapes such as stars, the sun and moon, or anything else that would add to your project.

Pastel Blue, Green, Pink, or Yellow

Pastel colors can make a bold statement in any situation when they are used, and they are perfect for crafts. The pastel blue and pastel pink cannot be beat if you are making a gift for something like a baby shower or a wedding. The pastel green and pastel yellow are two of our other popular materials, they are excellent color choices if your project is for spring time or a spring holiday gift such as an Easter basket. It does not have to be for a special occasion or a holiday though, these bright labels will help grab peoples attention with anything that they are used on. We also have fluorescent label materials if you need something even brighter.

Brown Kraft Labels

The brown kraft label material is a perfect choice for projects that you want to look natural since it has a nice earthy color. These labels can be printed on just like our other materials, so they can be used for any kind of project that you may be working on where you want a natural look. The kraft label stock has a natural brown color because it are manufactured with unbleached paper. The labels also have a strong adhesive, so you can be confident that they will stick to anything. 

Premium White Uncoated Permanent

The premium white uncoated material that we offer is one of our most popular materials. Since it is so plain it is the perfect material for anything, and can be printed on very easily. This is one of the best label materials to use if you plan on writing or drawing on the label instead of printing. The versatility of these pure white labels is why they are one of our most popular, they can be used for address labels, gift labels, or for all types of crafts. They can be ordered in any size like all of the materials that we offer. Since it can be used in many different settings this is a great material to stock up on in larger sizes, then you can cut them and alter them as needed for multiple projects. 

Crystal Clear Gloss Inkjet Weatherproof

A project may come along that requires something a bit different, so another option that we offer when it comes to labels is a crystal clear gloss weatherproof inkjet material. This is a clear label that has a glossy coating over it to give it a nice shiny look before and after printing. This material can be printed on like many of the others we sell, but for these you must have an inkjet printer. Since this is a clear material it work well if you need to label something but still need to see whats behind it. 


We offer many unique shaped labels that will look great when used on crafts. Some of the unique shapes that we always have available include these eye catching starburst labels. The starburst labels can help draw attention to anything that you do not want to be missed. Another benefit to these unique shaped labels is that we can manufacture them on any material that you see on our website. Some other popular shape labels are the heart shaped labels, octagon labels, and these arched labels.

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