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Pastel Colored Labels for Your Labeling Needs

March 09, 2015

A couple of weeks back we published a post that covered some of the bright, fluorescent labels that we offer at In addition to the label materials discussed in that post, we have other colors that can be very useful in many situations. These materials are not as bright as the fluorescent labels, but they still stand out when they are seen, especially compared to traditional white labels.

These pastel colored labels are a perfect way to label things that you want to draw attention to, and they are also an excellent way to organize with an efficient color coding system for storage and more. They also work very well for various craft projects, and with Easter coming up soon, they can help with your holiday crafts.

Our Pacific Blue labels that are a great choice for product packaging labels, and they will work for any labeling situation. They are an ocean blue in appearance, and for printing they are compatible with both laser and inkjet printers. When printing on these labels using dark ink it really helps them them stand out everywhere that they are used. The pacific blue labels will run in laser and inkjet printers, but they also work very well on offset presses and photo copy machines. This material is a darker blue, and it resembles the blue that you see when visiting the ocean, 

The Pastel Green labels are a very light green color, and they are compatible with laser printers, inkjet printers, as well as copiers and in offset presses. If you need a label that will help give your packaging a unique look then this label material can be a great choice. We can supply these labels to you either blank or printed, and if you are still not sure they are the best for your needs we can send you free samples. These labels are also compatible with both inkjet and laser printers, as well as in copy machines and offset presses.

Pastel Pink is a popular pastel colored label, and it is perfect for your arts and crafts products. This material also works great for many other things such as your product packaging. When printing on this pink pastel label material you will be amazed at how well the print stands out on the light pink colored stock. If you are looking to make anything stand out then this is one of the best materials to be seen. The pastel pink material will work for inkjet printers, laser printers, offset presses, and copy machines.

The Pastel Yellow labels that manufactures are another one of the coated and colored papers that work for all kinds of different projects. The pastel yellow material works great for adding a colored accent to any packaging job, but they stand out perfectly well just by themselves. As with the other pastel label materials, these labels will work for laser and inkjet printers, as well as photocopiers, and offset presses.

This Pastel Blue material is the last material that we will bring up in this post, but any of these labels will work great for many different needs. Product packaging is becoming very competitive these days, because now more than ever, consumers factor packaging into what they buy, whether they realize it or not. These labels will work fine in laser printers, offset presses, inkjet printers, and copy machines.

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