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Commercial Airing Time Took A Dark Turn During The Blackout, But Left Oreo On Top!

February 06, 2013

During Super Bowl XLVII we witnessed cheering fans, hard hits, outstanding plays, a bold half time show and of course commercials!

Companies spent over $3.8 million to secure airtime during the most watched television spectacle of the year.

After the dramatic half time show and a 108 yard return that ended in a touchdown to start the second half, one thing’s for sure, we witnessed a Super Bowl that was shaping up to land in the history books, even if the score at the beginning of the second half didn’t reflect it!

Shortly into the second half, something else happened… the power at the Superdome went out and stayed out for almost 35 minutes!

When the power went out, did you grab the remote and flip to another station? Did you use that time to fill a plate of snacks or switch the laundry? When the game took a dark turn so did commercial airing times, meaning that consumers may not have watched commercials that advertisers paid just short of $4 million to air!

Other large companies found ways to jump on board using social media to talk about the “blackout” in real time.

Oreo came out on top during the “blackout” by relating their product to what was going on in a clever and humorous way, simply by tweeting a photo of an Oreo with a dark background and a spotlight on the cookie and text that read, “you can still dunk in the dark”.

That simple tweet created a storm of over 15,000 retweets and over 5,000 favorites!

Oreo scored a touchdown with their real time tweet action and didn’t let a dark stadium dampen their marketing scheme!

Did you retweet the Oreo photo? Did you stay tuned during the Super Bowl “blackout” of 2013? Share your answers on our Facebook or Twitter pages!

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