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New Packaging Regulations for Edible Marijuana

February 12, 2015

Recently, there have been new packaging and labeling guidelines put into place regarding marijuana in Colorado, this is in addition to a limit that has been placed on the amount of THC is allowed in marijuana edibles. In addition to limiting the amount of THC in edibles, another one of the new regulations requires that all edible marijuana packaging have resealable, child-proof packaging. There will also be a required warning label that states the product is not safe for children.

Since 2014, the edible pot market has taken off, but there have also been many incidents involving kids accidentally eating edible marijuana products because to them it looks like dessert. Officials have already stated that these new regulations are just the beginning, and as the edible marijuana evolves, so will additional packaging and labeling rules. 

These new rules have begun in Colorado since that is the only state where recreational use has been legalized. All of the new regulations came about after a long debate from both sides of the table. There were some people that thought edible marijuana should be made completely illegal, while others wanted to increase regulations, which is what they did.

Last year, the Marijuana Enforcement Division in Colorado, came up with this new system that has set limits on how much THC is in one edible product. The new system went into effect on February 1, 2015 and it states that is an edible is considered a single serving, it can have a maximum of 10 mg of THC in it.

Each serving of the edible must also be in its own child resistant package, multiple single serving edibles can be combines inside a package, but the whole package cannot have more than 100 mg of THC in them, and each serving still has to be individually wrapped to help protect children.

Here is a video from CBS News that discusses the new regulations regarding edible marijuana.

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