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New Marketing Strategies By Hockey Teams Are Targeting Both Loyal And Angry Fans!

January 25, 2013

After a devastating 113-day National Hockey League (NHL) lockout, both the players and owners struck a deal, which means hockey is back on! Another season is upon us, and aren’t we excited!

Although a deal was struck, it happened last in the hockey season, therefore leaving some fans a bit unsettled. NHL teams across the country and Canada devised marketing plans to thank their loyal fans and win back the fans they hurt by canceling part of the season.

With thousands of fans dressed in team colors, waving flags and foam fingers filling arenas for team scrimmages and practices, it became crystal clear that hockey teams have some very loyal and forgiving fans!

For that reason, teams have come up with “smart marketing” ideas and contests to celebrate the loyalty of the thousands of fans.

Opening day for the National Hockey League showcased sell-out crowds and TV ratings through the roof.

That may be in part to free or discounted tickets for opening day, free concession items for the first 4 to 5 home games, sales on official merchandise for a week before or during the season and chances from some teams to win an all expense paid trip with the team for one of their away games!

Teams have been both generous and innovative with their marketing ideas and sales strategies.

The question is, do you think discount tickets and merchandise and concession items should last throughout the shortened season? In a billion dollar industry are teams doing enough? Let us know how you feel on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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