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New Food Labeling Laws May Benefit Customers Health And Alter Their Decisions

April 03, 2013

For consumers looking to grab a healthy snack while they’re at the grocery store or the customers who try to find the lightest, healthiest dessert at the bakery, selecting the best option may be getting easier.

Under an ObamaCare mandate, in recent years restaurants have been adding nutritional information in their menus. Calorie counts now accompany food options on menus so that customers are fully knowledgeable of what they’re putting into their body.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has decided to extend the rule to also affect supermarkets and convenience stores. The new regulation would require storeowners to label prepared, unpackaged foods found in their stores.

So, if your supermarket contains a café where you’re able to grab a quick bite or if the local convenience store sells pizzas and hotdogs, they are now going to require nutrition labels with suggested serving sizes and calorie count information under this rule.

This new law is great for helping customers choose the best possible food to snack on but, store owners are going to experience what could end up being a billion dollars worth of new labeling laws.

The FDA sees this new law as a way for customers to fully understand what they’re eating. Without proper serving sizes and calorie counts, people could be overeating. This mandate is a way for the government to utilize the label industry as a way to help fight obesity.

Grocery chains and convenience store owners could see hundreds, thousands even millions of dollars worth of change with this new labeling law.

When you’re shopping through the grocery store or grabbing a quick bite to eat from the local convenience store, would you stop to read the calorie count and nutrition label before purchasing an item?

Do you agree with the FDA deciding to label unpackaged food that consumers purchase? Share your thoughts on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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