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Natural & Organic Labels Are Most Popular Among Cosmetic Products

September 30, 2016

These days, we hear a lot of information regarding organic or natural foods, but not as much about organic or natural cosmetics and personal care products. However, it turns out that organic or natural cosmetics and personal care products are incredibly popular amongst consumers and are only growing in popularity. In fact, products labeled as natural or organic are preferred amongst shoppers who are looking for sustainable, ethical, or safe products.

Natural and Organic on the Rise

For the past 15 years, Organic Monitor has focused on researching global sustainable products. According to their research, using natural and organic labels is the most successful selling point among the approximately 20 ethical labeling schemes, including fairtrade, gluten-free, eco-friendly, rainforest alliance, etc.

Product label stickers printed with natural or organic on the label make consumers feel more confident about the products they use on their skin and bodies. With organizations such as the Environmental Working Group (EWG), consumers are better able to find products that are free of harmful chemicals and additives, and many of them tend to be labeled as natural or organic. On the other hand, many consumers seem to purchase natural products as a less expensive alternative to purchasing organic products.

The International Standards Organization

According to Label & Narrow Web (L&NW), natural and organic products are expected to grow when the the International Standards Organization (ISO) adopts the ISO-16128, which will provide guidelines on appropriate definitions used for natural and organic cosmetic ingredients. The ISO is the group that guarantees worldwide uniformity in the way we measure things, including natural and organic products.

Some parties argue that the ISO-16128 is a weak standard, but it will be the first internationally-recognized standard used for natural and organic products. Product label stickers printed with natural and organic labels are expected to become much more established once the ISO-16128 is launched and once more countries set national standards.

Currently, natural and organic products are especially popular in Western Europe, where three percent of personal care products are certified as such.

Attract Customers With Custom Product Labels

The savvy shoppers of today’s world appreciate brand transparency, and you can attract new and existing shoppers by using product label stickers that are trustworthy, eye-catching, and creative. Sheet-Labels.com offers you a wide variety of product labels for any of your labeling needs, including cosmetics and personal care products.

At Sheet-Labels, we offer lip balm, soap, and test tube labels, plus chemical labels as well. In the cosmetics industry, shoppers spend a great deal of time reading product labels before making a purchase, so you want your label to be just as great as the product itself. During a time when natural and organic products are growing in popularity, it is especially important that you cater to the wants and needs of your target audience.

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