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N C LeGrand Classic Skin Care Labels Their Products With Crystal Clear Gloss Polyester Labels From SheetLabels.com!

June 27, 2013

Beauty cosmetics accentuate and enhance an individual’s eyes, cheeks and even lips while skin care products help maintain the skins healthy and youthful appearance. There are hundreds if not thousands of brands to choose from when selecting cosmetics and skin care products but not all of these brands truly care about the way their customers feel after using their products!

Meet N C LeGrand Classic Skin Care! A Licensed Manager in Cosmetology and stay at home mom, Nadine C. LeGrand, started N C LeGrand Classic Skin Care. “I started a Traveling Cosmetology business in June of 2008 to provide beauty services for women who wanted to receive their services at home”, said Nadine.

The start of her skin care came after an unfortunate incident involving her Traveling Cosmetology business. “I sadly had to discontinue my services after I lost my mode of transportation” she said.

With this setback Nadine decided to take another avenue, which would allow her to stay in the beauty business. “I decided to put my plan into action and created a logo to launch my online store N C LeGrand Classic Skin Care”, she said. Adding, “I’m very excited about selling my products and delivering quality skin care to my customers because it has always been a dream of mine”!

Nadine has experienced both hard times with the discontinuation of Traveling Cosmetology to success with N C LeGrand Beauty. “You learn through trial and error about being in business for yourself and many times you don’t know what to expect but you never lose your passion for what you love”, she said.

Nadine orders Crystal Clear Gloss Polyester Laser weatherproof printed labels from SheetLabels.com. The Crystal Clear Gloss Polyester label material has a gloss finish and allows artwork and text to take the spotlight.

Nadine’s labels are added to her skin care products to help customers distinguish which products they’re purchasing!

“SheetLabels.com is a great source for providing me with the labels I need specifically for my products”, she said. Stating, “If I ever had a problem, the team at SheetLabels.com was more than happy to assist me. I appreciate the quality of their work and the great customer service they provide”.

If you’re searching for great skin care products and want to support a business that loves helping their customers, remember N C LeGrand Classic Skin Care! Have you ever used any of the products offered at N C LeGrand Classic Skin Care? Do you order Crystal Clear Gloss Laser Polyester labels? Share your stories and experiences on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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