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Make Your Company Memorable By Creating A Great Television Commercial!

May 01, 2013


What’s the secret to becoming memorable in a quickly changing and evolving society? With social media, HULU and DVR, watching commercials is no longer necessary. But, some companies continue to find ways to be memorable in a here-today, gone-tomorrow society!


There are a few ways companies can raise their chances of being memorable to consumers through television commercials. Those five ways are:



  1. Humor
  2. Relatable Characters
  3. Simple Storyline
  4. Conversation Rather Than Voiceover
  5. Emotion

The first way companies can become memorable through television commercials is to use humor. Great examples of humorous commercials are those done by Doritos. Doritos have used everything from office humor to funny commercials with animals, which has made their finished products memorable!

Another way companies can be memorable through television commercials is to use relatable characters. It’s not always easy for consumers to relate to professional athletes or celebrities. Companies who use average people have a connection to the individual watching from home.

The third way companies are able to be memorable through commercials is by using a simple storyline. Nike commercials are filled with big name celebrity athletes from LeBron James to Tiger Woods. Though these celebrities are not relatable, they are idolized and paired together with a simple storyline; Nike commercials are easily memorable to customers.

The fourth way companies can be more memorable to customers through television is to use conversation rather than voiceover. Many of today’s commercials use conversation, where actors are talking to each other or about the product directly. One great example of using conversation in commercials is the Mac Vs. PC commercials where two actors bicker about products and who’s product is better.

The fifth and final way companies can be more memorable through television is to tug at the emotional strings of customers. A great example is the Budweiser commercial from the 2013 Super Bowl. The Budweiser Clydesdale commercial used a man and his horse, growing up together and sharing memories until one day the man sells his horse to the Budweiser Company. When that same man sees that his old horse is marching a parade, the man drives to watch his old friend. After the parade, the horse runs wild through the city until he finds the man and they share a compassionate moment! This commercial was so successful and memorable because it made any pet owner or animal lover have an emotional response toward the commercial!

Being a memorable commercial isn’t difficult. It’s about finding which step works for you! And, if you can incorporate all five of the steps then you’ll have an advertisement for the ages!

What commercial is most memorable to you and why? Share your stories on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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