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Halloween Is Changing The Game For Retail Companies’ Marketing And Advertising Departments!

October 09, 2012

The month of October is known for its cold weather, colorful leaves, Columbus Day and of course Halloween!

Halloween is the one-night kids can dress up as the scariest goblin or the sweetest princess, walk around after dark, ring a doorbell and receive candy for saying trick-or-treat!

In recent years Halloween has become an event for adults just as much as it is for children. For adults it’s less about the candy and more about the creativity of the costume. The creativity behind costumes in recent years has led to retail companies taking a second look at their advertising and marketing strategies.

According to the National Retail Foundation, approximately seven in 10 Americans plan to celebrate the holiday this year, which is the most in the surveys 10-year history. Because the number of holiday participants is so high and each individual is estimated to spend $80, the total revenue for Halloween this year is approximately $8 billion!

It’s because of those statistics that retail stores are reconsidering the cost they spend advertising and marketing for both Halloween and Christmas. With the consistent growth in participation for Halloween, retailers may be looking to advertise this holiday more than usual!

Normally for retail shops Halloween is viewed as just another holiday stuck between their back-to-school promotions and Christmas advertising. Recently though, stores from home centers to pet shops have begun to take advantage of the extra revenue that can come from having the Halloween spirit.

Between decorations, candy and costumes; Halloween has become one of the easiest holidays to market. It may not generate the amount of revenue such as holidays like Christmas, Easter and Valentines days but the hype of this holiday thrusts it into the marketing spotlight.

Let us know on either our Facebook or Twitter pages what you will be dressing up as this Halloween? Did you make your costume or purchase it?

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