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Write A Blog Post Worth Reading By Following These Eight Steps!

July 02, 2014

Do you blog? Many businesses and individuals alike have started creating blogs about their company, products and services or about things that interest them.

There are a few different things that bloggers need to include in a blog post to help their blog be more successful. These aren’t foolproof blueprints but they are helpful ideas to help bring your blog to life. The eight things to think about when writing/creating your blog include:

  1. The Article Needs to Have a Point
  2. Images
  3. Structure
  4. Unique Content
  5. Substantial Length
  6. Internal Linking
  7. Attention to Proper Spelling & Grammar
  8. A Call-to-Action

The first thing to think about when creating a blog post is giving that post or article a point. What’s the point of reading a blog or article if there is no story, nothing worth learning or taking away from the blog post? Don’t let your blog be a waste of time. Let your blog educate someone or at least keep him or her entertained.

Let’s be honest, most people read the title of a blog post and look at the first photo to decide if they’re going to read what’s inside. Images aren’t just placed on a blog to be there, your images should be strategic, helpful and about the blog post itself.

The third thing to remember when writing a blog post is structure. What do great books and movies have in common? They have structure. There is an opening or introduction, a plot or point and that plot or point is explained throughout and then an ending or closing. Make sure you keep a structure throughout your blog to help readers follow along.

Are you writing a blog post just to write it? Blogs and articles are often read because the information is valuable and unique. Include some sort of unique content within your post to keep readers engaged and again to help your post have a point.

The fifth thing to remember when writing a blog post is substantial length. Length can be determined by how quickly you can make your point and how much explaining needs to be involved to help the reader understand that point. Don’t make your post too short so that the reader is left wondering but at the same time don’t make your post too long so that the reader loses interest before they even reach the point.

Another thing to remember is internal linking. If there is a spot within your blog that you can link to another blog post, website page or photo… link it. Use this a way to help your readers easily find the product they’re reading about in your post or link to a photo to help your reader visualize what they’re reading about.

The seventh thing to remember when writing a blog post or article is to pay attention to proper spelling and grammar. If you’re writing a blog post about something serious for your company or even for a personal blog nothing is worse than using the wrong “there”, “their” or “they’re”. Why would a reader continue reading a post that’s full of misspelled words and bad grammar?

The final thing to remember when writing a blog post is including a call to action. This call to action can be a link to a social media page, a hash tag that you want your readers to use or encouraging feedback in a comments section for your blog. Use this opportunity to link to a social media page or to get suggestions for another post or article that may benefit your readers!

Do you think about these eight things when writing a blog post? Which of the eight things listed above do you find most important for a great blog post? Share your answers and feedback on our Facebook, Twitter or Google+ pages using #SLIBlog.

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