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Sell More Products By Making Customer Service A Priority In Your Business!

June 17, 2013

When customers call your business they are often looking for help troubleshooting a problem or are interested in purchasing your products or services. When a customer calls your business they are often first directed to a Customer Service Representative.

These Customer Services Representatives are often extremely helpful and knowledgeable of the products or services that your business provides to customers. There is however, a difference between good customer service teams and great customer service teams. Those differences can be narrowed down into five key components. The five things that make a Customer Service Representative great are:

  1. Have Confidence In Your Products
  2. Listen, Really Listen, to the Customer
  3. Help the Customer Avoid Potential Pitfalls
  4. Craft a Compelling Solution
  5. Provide Value That’s Superior To Other Options

The first thing that can take a good Customer Service Representative and make them great is having confidence in the products and services that their company provides. Potential and even repeat customers listen to the tone and words that a Customer Service Representative uses when speaking over the phone. They can pick up on attitude and are able to tell if the Customer Service Representative truly believes what they’re saying and in the products they’re pitching!

The second thing that makes a great Customer Service Representative is really listening to the customer. When customers are answering questions and describing their business, their wants or what they hope your product can do for them, do not interrupt. Before making a sales pitch, get every bit of information from a customer. Every individual likes being heard, and when you sit back and listen; customers take notice of your less pushy attitude!

The third thing that makes a good Customer Service Representative great is helping the customer avoid potential pitfalls. Every business decision involves risk. No matter how small the decision may seem, that customer is spending their hard earned money on your products and services for a reason. If a customer is going to purchase a product that won’t fulfill all of their needs, help by suggesting a better product or service! When you save that customer time and money, they’ll appreciate the lengths you and your company went through to save them the hassle!

The fourth step is to craft a compelling solution. If a customer is facing difficulties using your products, help them by giving them a number of different solutions. Stay calm and walk the customer through the steps of troubleshooting the problem they are facing. If your company provides services that can eliminate the problem for that customer, suggest that your company take over for that customer in hopes of helping them!

The fifth and final step that a good Customer Service Representative can take to become great is to provide value that’s superior to other options. Chances are, your business is not the only one of its kind. Companies have competition but if customers know the benefits of your products over your competition, they’re going to purchase your products.

Being great in the field of customer service is all about honesty and truly believing in the products your company provides.

Have you ever worked with a Customer Service Representative that utilized these steps? Share your stories and experiences on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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