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Choosing Label Materials Can Be A Sticky Process!

August 21, 2012

Choosing label materials can be a tricky process. Here at we offer over 33 laser and/or inkjet label materials. And, with over 4,000 product combinations, we are confident that we have the material perfect for your needs! We know if can be overwhelming, so we are happy to help you, if the need arises.

To help our customers make the right choice we find that asking a series of questions can make all the difference. These questions help our Customer Service Team fully understand what your intended label use may be, therefore helping you choose the best fitting label material.

We understand that it may not always be convenient for you to call and speak with one of our team members. So, hopefully this short explanation will help you make the right label choice that best suits your needs.

  1. The first thing to think about when selecting a material is to know what type of printer you are using. If you already know this, then it help to narrow down your choices. Some materials are made strictly for laser printers; others are only for inkjet printers. Some of our materials also work great with both laser and inkjet printers.
  2. The next question: Would be what type of environment would your labels be in? If your labels need to be put outdoors you would most likely want to check out our weatherproof labels. If you labels will be subjected to extreme hot or cold temperatures, you would more than likely be looking at our all-temperature labels.

Think details when answering that second question! For example, if you were using a laser printer, applying the labels to a food container, and putting the product in the freezer… then we would recommend our White All Temperature material. But, if you are using an inkjet printer, applying the labels to a cardboard display, and using the display in a store…we would suggest using our Spectacle Inkjet or White Gloss Inkjet materials.

Don’t feel pressured to decide on a specific material right on the spot! Head back to our homepage and click the “Request Samples” tab. We will send whatever materials you’re interested in. Upon reading your answers to the samples questions we may also add in a few other materials that our team believes may be a good choice for your labeling needs.

Ordering labels can be tough. But, once you narrow down the label material selection, you’re one step closer to receiving the perfect label for your needs!

Let us know which labels you’ve become fond of! Also, let us know on either Facebook or Twitter what you applied your labels to!

Mike Malmberg on Jan 21, 2014 in 02:04pm
Labels on letter sized sheets. Wine bottle labels. Easily removable. 8 to 12 labels per sheet. Can use ink jet or laser printer (laser in black and white only. Any with color border designs available?
Lindsey Rice on Jan 21, 2014 in 02:39pm
Thank you for posting your question, Mike. I have a Customer Service Representative reaching out to you by email to get a little more information so that we can thoroughly answer all of your questions.
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