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Changing Labels May Benefit Those Suffering From Common Food Allergies!

August 31, 2012

Food allergies are no laughing matter. In fact, they are quite scary and can even make shopping for groceries difficult for consumers.

Our neighbors to the North have recently decided to implement new food labeling regulations to make shopping for food easier for people with common allergies.

With these new regulations set in place, packaged food must clearly list all allergens. That means saying goodbye to terms like “hydrolyzed casein” and say hello to “milk”!

The new regulations will be set forth on such foods as peanuts, seafood, glutens and tree nuts!

Although this is a big step forward for food safety among consumers, it is however not required for food bought in delis, bakeries or foods bought in bulk.

It can be difficult and confusing walking through a shopping center reading ingredients like “Hypogaeic Acid”, “Edamame” and “Caponata”. It would cut back the time it takes for consumers to shop for their families and put less risk on the consumer if these ingredients simply said, tree nut, soy and peanut.

The potential risks for people with food allergies can be as scary as death. As for labeling food products, it should be simple enough for a consumer to walk through the isles at a grocery store and clearly know which items contain ingredients that could potentially harm them!

The label possibilities are endless! Using fluorescent labels could showcase the ingredients to make them really pop. Weatherproof labels are great for any ingredients that might be in an area that experiences condensation. Or, even All-Temperature labels could suffice for products that are stored in extremely cold conditions!

Let us know on either Facebook or Twitter how you feel about using the common names of food allergies on the packaging of items!

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