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Labeling Tips to Prepare Your Brand for Black Friday Promotions

October 24, 2016

Halloween is nearly here, and then it’ll be time to move onto Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday promotions and sales. In order to attract consumers to your brand for your Black Friday promotion, you need eye-catching product labels that will make you stand out above the rest. This is where roll labels come in. Custom printed roll labels have a wide variety of uses—especially during the Black Friday shopping season.

According to Statistic Brain, an average number of 133,700,000 people shop in stores and online on Black Friday. In 2015, a total of $67,560,000,000 was spent in stores on Black Friday and $2,932,000,000 was spent online. Each shopper spends an average amount of $403.35 on Black Friday each year to give them a head start for the upcoming holiday season, but there are some strategies that brands need to apply to ensure that customers keep coming back for more, even after your promotion ends.

Why Custom Printed Roll Labels Are Effective

We know that Black Friday attracts a huge number of shoppers and brings in plenty of money, but shoppers aren’t interested in throwing their money away on just anything. Companies need to have a strategy in place to make their products the best choice for the Black Friday season.

That’s where your product labels come in. Your promotional product labels should be clear, informative, and easy-to-read so shoppers don’t need to ask employees for assistance. Many shoppers want to get in and out of stores and quickly as possible on Black Friday, and if a label isn’t informative enough, they may simply move on from your product and look elsewhere.

Rolled labels are an excellent option for Black Friday promotions since they make it easier to manage large quantities at one time. Roll labels can be applied by automatic label dispensers, label applicators, or by hand. Plus, custom printed roll labels create less waste and print more quickly than other types of labels.

Other Ways to Promote Your Sale

If you’re having a Black Friday promotion, you’ll need to make sure that you advertise your sale to ensure that people know about it. Handing out business flyers and displaying posters in windows are great ways to promote your brand for the holiday shopping season, but don’t forget about social media! Social media can play a tremendous role in advertising your promotion, especially if you offer your social media followers coupons and discounts prior to the big day.

Hosting an online sweepstakes through social media can also encourage people to participate in your holiday promotion. To host a sweepstakes, simply ask your followers to enter their phone number or email address in order to win a prize. This strategy is a win-win because you’ll be adding these names to your email list for future promotions and they’ll be entered into your sweepstakes for a chance to win a prize.

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