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Label Materials For Labeling Projects in Greasy & Dirty Environments

March 24, 2015

Organization is important when you are running a business, and the busier the shop is, the more important keeping things organized can be. Nothing can be more frustrating than when you are extremely busy and cannot find what you need.

All of our labels come in any size that you need, and we can provide them both blank and custom printed. Our customer service team is always here to assist you with choosing the proper label for what you need. We can provide free samples of the materials as well so you can test them out and make sure they will do what you need them for.

In this post we want to discuss some of the different label materials that we offer that can work well in environments where they will be exposed to grease and possible moisture. 

White Labels

Our white gloss polyester labels have a permanent adhesive and a nice glossy finish. They are a very durable label that will hold up very well for labeling purposes in a shop. They need to be adhered to the surface of your shelves in a room that has a minimum temperature of 50 degrees F. These labels are weatherproof, so the moisture will not hurt them if they do get exposed. They also hold up very well in temps ranging from -40 degrees up to +290 degrees F.

The white all temperature latex is one of our new materials for laser printers. It is an uncoated label material, and it is moisture resistant which gives it some extra durability when it is exposed to different environments. These labels will adhere very well to all kinds of surfaces, but they must be initially stuck to the surface in temperatures from -21 degrees F and up. They will also hold up in temperatures from -60 to 210 degrees F.  

These labels will not affect anyone that is allergic to latex because the material is actually a synthetic form of latex.

The High Tack white poly labels are extra sticky, which may sometimes be needed on already greasy shelving units. They will also stay stuck to anything you use them for with the strong adhesive used. This material works great for both indoor and outdoor labeling jobs, much like some of our other weatherproof materials. They need to be initially adhered to your surface in a temperature above 40 degrees F, but they will hold up very well with temps ranging from -45 to 147 degrees F.

This removable material is the perfect choice when you need to label something that may change from time to time. Even though the label is removable, it will still hold up well unless you want it to come off. This material is also tear resistant, which gives it some extra durability that will be helpful in a rugged environment. Labels made with this material must be initially stuck to the surface in temps of 40 degrees F, and they will hold up with temperatures from -40 up to 200 degrees F.


In all auto shops there is equipment that can be dangerous if not used properly. This makes it important to properly use warning labels and signs to make people aware, or as a reminder to be careful. The label materials below are perfect to use for warning labels. The bright colors will make sure that they are seen.

We offer quite a few different bright fluorescent labels, and these 2 both work very well for warning labels or for labeling things that need to draw attention. All of our fluorescent labels need to be adhered to the desired surface at 32 degrees and up, but they will stay stuck in temperatures from -4 to 170 degrees F.

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