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The Label Industry Could Play A Major Role In The Fight Against Obesity!

January 21, 2013

Food labeling has proved to be an issue across the globe. From labeling common food allergens to calories, there are many ways to label food and not all can be agreed upon.

One thing is for sure, in the United States alone almost 31% of the population is considered obese. If there are ways to change this growing epidemic and if the label industry can help, then it’s worth taking a look at!

In the UK they have introduced a new system of labeling called front-of-pack food labeling. We’ve all seen cereal boxes with calorie counts and sugar levels located on the front of the box as well as the back or the side.

Using this tactic along with the stoplight method of food labeling where healthy foods or facts are labeled in a green box, bad food or facts are listed in red and those in between are listed in yellow, hopefully consumers can start to realize at a glance what foods they should feed to their families and which foods they should not.

Introducing and studying the effects of labeling food has grown to be more important and the epidemic of obesity continues to grow in numbers. It’s not just the United States that faces an overweight population but also Mexico, the UK and even Australia.

If adding a few colors and extra labels can help resolve this issue, then it’s one worth trying. Using color and extra labels can help grab the attention of customers, as they are about to make a purchase. Perhaps seeing a red label can deter customers from making the wrong choice.

Do you think adding extra labels on food items can help customers better understand which items they should and should not purchase? Let us know on either our Facebook or Twitter pages!

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