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Learn The Label Industry Language & Choose The Best Label Material for You!

September 11, 2012

All industries have terms that are crucial to their industry. Though the communication may be easy for those of us working in the label industry, we understand that some information may not be common to everyone.

At SheetLabels.com we want to make ordering blank or printed labels as efficient and enjoyable as possible! That’s why we put together this short “glossary” of the most popular terms in the labeling industry.

From bleed to die cut, learn all the favorite terms and get to know our industry! We would love to help you further understand our industry's lingo! If you have questions, you can always contact our Customer Service Team or our Digital Creative Associates.

Bleed is a term often used by our Creative Associates when speaking with customers about designing and proofing labels. In printing, a bleed means a background color or design that extends all the way to the edge of the paper or label material you are printing on.

Another term often used in the label industry is die or die cut. A die is the instrument used to cut labels in different shapes and sizes.

Though we have a large selection of dies and label materials, some customers prefer to have a more customized shape and size. We are able to manufacture new dies, if you need them. Once the die has been manufactured you can continue to order that specific size and shape without additional costs!

Another word that is often used in the label industry is gloss. When thinking about the perfect label material, it is important to understand the qualities and properties of that specific material. Gloss simply means a shiny finish. For instance: we offer a Crystal Clear Gloss Laser Weatherproof material as well as High Gloss Laser material. It is virtually the same as when you have pictures developed and choose to have a gloss finish!

The opposite of gloss is matte. Matte is another word used to describe a property of some label materials. For instance: we offer a Frosty Clear Matte Laser Weatherproof material as well as a Silver Matte Polyester Weatherproof material. Having a matte finish simply means a dull finish - the material is not shiny. Again, when ordering photos you have the option to order a matte finish.

If you can’t decide between a gloss finish or a matte material, you can always request samples!

Let us know on Facebook or Twitter if there are any other words that you would like further information on, or call and speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives.

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