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Kona Tanning Company Orders Frosty Clear Matte Polyester Printed Labels To Label Their Tanning Products

July 25, 2013

Have you been looking for a great spray on tan? It’s summer and that means pools, beaches and tans! Tanning beds can take days or even weeks to give you a dark complexion but, spray tanning offers a safer and easier way to get that golden brown, summer tan without laying out all day!

Meet Kona Tanning Company! “Kona Tanning Company was born in the kitchen, when newlyweds Katie and Kenny began mixing ingredients to find the best shade for Katie’s redheaded complexion”, said owner of Kona Tanning Company, Katie. Adding, “What we found was the best color around, lasting twice as long as anything else we had tried and it didn’t stink”!

Katie, the owner of Kona Tanning Company studied the application technique though the eyes of a body makeup artist, manipulating shadows as she airbrushed which can mask and bend flaws. “I’ve worked on some of the greatest bodies in the fitness industry, in Hollywood and in fashion”, said Katie. Also stating, “most recently I’ve added Victoria’s Secret to my fashion resume, working on the Pink campaign in New York”!

Owners often create their company name based on something that happened in their life or something with meaning to them, the name for Kona Tanning Company is no different. “The name came from where Kenny asked me to marry him”, she said!

Kona Tanning Company’s owner orders Frosty Clear Matte Polyester laser weatherproof printed labels from! Kona Tanning Company uses their Frosty Clear Matte Polyester labels to label bottles of their products including, Kona Tanning Company’s Sunless Tanning Spritzer and Kona Tanning Company’s House Blend self tanner.

The Frosty Clear Matte Polyester label material is extremely durable and weatherproof. These labels are tear-resistant and perfect for labeling products that contain liquid!

When asked about her experience working with Katie said, “ was the best way for us to start our product line, since we started so small and labeled everything by hand. This gave us plenty of room to grow, since the minimum orders were always so reasonable”! She also stated, “The printed labels have always turned out perfectly – we’ve always been thrilled”!

Katie also expressed how impressed she has been with getting Kona Tanning Company’s labels to her no matter where she was working! “ has even shipped to us while we were traveling to other states, and wherever we were, they were super timely and everything was always done better than we could have hoped for”!

If you’re looking for a great self-tanning product or a professional company to work with for your next spray tan, remember Kona Tanning Company!

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This was exactly what i was looking for. Before I was using paper labels for my beverage product and they were not suitable for the way wanted to present my product. The labels would crinkle and peal of when the beverages got cold in the fridge. Now with my new labels from SHEET LABELS, I no... read more
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gold foil round 12-up labels are great product & fast shipping; thank you!
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Tony Dillon is a great customer service representative. He and Lindsey Rice make it very easy to do business with Sheet Label. They can't do enough for you. We are working with the team, headed by Adam Gray, on a very innovative project to fulfill our label needs and save significant resources.
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