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Keeping Your Messaging Consistent

April 27, 2015

When working with a big team where everyone deals with customers, it is important for the whole team to be on the same page. This way there are no contradictions with the communication between the company and customers. Another important factor is ensuring that your whole team knows and understands your audience since they are the people who will be buying your product, and they are the people who will call with questions and concerns.


Training your team on the basic fundamentals of communication will give them a good start towards understanding the best form of communication, which is professional and personal. The team should be trained on dealing with all types of customers, from the ones who do not know what they want, to customers that are angry and are calling to complain.

Your customer service team should be trained on handling irate customers, and teaching them to remain calm in those situations is important. You do not want a rep of your company getting upset and lashing out at a customer over the phone. Talking to them with a positive and calm voice will help them relax a bit, especially when they know that you are listening to them and working towards a resolution.

Terms & Tone

When training your team it is also important to make sure that everyone is using the same terms for your products. If different members of the team are all using different terms to describe your products or services it is going to cause confusion with customers, as well as confusion internally. Having a guide that covers all of the industry terms is a good way to ensure that your team is all on the same page.

The tone that is used with customers should also be consistent. The members of your team should all be using the same terms as mentioned before, but they should also talk with a friendly, confident tone of voice. They need to remain calm no matter what happens, even if they are getting yelled at. 


Email is another means of getting your message out to your customers, and it should be handled in a similar fashion to all other forms of communication. Emails should always be written in a professional manner, which means beginning the email with a pleasant greeting and using the customers name to make it personal.

The email should get right to the point so the issues that the customer is dealing with are answered immediately, this way they do not have to read too much before having an answer or explanation. After telling the customer what you need to, it is important to thank them for contacting you, and then the email should end with proper salutations such as sincerely or regards.

Social Media

These days, social media has become just as much of a customer support platform as email and the telephone. Customers are already spending time on these social platforms, and since they can communicate with brands within these platforms, it makes their lives easier. Communication on social media, both in your daily updates and messaging with customers, should also be consistent with all other forms of communication that is used to communicate with customers.

The Same Page

To run a successful business, proper communication is necessary. Making sure that everyone within your organization is on the same page will help make the messaging consistent. When everyone is on the same page there will be no confusion, both internally and with messaging between your team and your customers. 

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