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Keep Lips Moisturized this Winter With These Lip Balm Labelling Tips

November 28, 2016

It’s nearly December, the air keeps getting cooler and drier, and temperatures all over the nation are dropping and some cities are even seeing snow. This can only mean one thing—the urge to use lip balm is stronger than ever.

However, it’s important that lip balm labels be long-lasting and durable during periods of heavy use. Nobody likes reaching for their lip balm only to find the label worn away, faded, or wrinkled. Fortunately, knows what it takes to create long-lasting and durable custom labels for lip balm products that last all winter long and beyond.

Lip Balm Labels

Lip balm is one of those products that gets taken anywhere and everywhere, especially during the drier winter months. For convenience and easy access, lip balm is often stored in purses, pockets, glove compartments, and in desks, exposing the lip balm to various temperatures and environments on a regular basis.


If you’ve ever stored a tube of lip balm in your pocket, you’ve probably noticed the lip balm melt and warm up a bit, creating a gooey consistency. While many people prefer the consistency of a melted lip balm, the exposure to warmer temperatures may actually cause the label to become greasy or sticky, wearing away at the contents of the product label.

Qualities of an Outstanding Lip Balm Label

To create long-lasting custom labels that won’t fade or peel away, can help. The perfect lip balm label should be:

●      Long-lasting

●      Flexible and customizable

●      Eye-catching

●      Durable

●      Compliant with safety standards

●      Informative

●      Spacious

●      Unique from the others

Additionally, a product label printer should be a company that you and your customers can trust, rely on, and depend on for years to come. That’s where comes in. Our quality products, quick turnaround time, and extensive knowledge in the labelling industry make us the greatest option for your lip balm labelling needs.

When you need custom labels ordered, is a company you can trust. We serve more than 50,000 active customers nationwide and we look forward to working with you and your team as well.

Labels That Don’t Fade, Peel, or Wrinkle

When it comes to choosing the perfect lip balm labels, it’s important that your labels be oil, water, temperature, and weather resistant. They should be durable yet attractive.

Check out our selection of long-lasting lip balm labels and choose a shape and size to fit your needs. If you need printed labels, we offer printed sheet labels, roll labels, and cut-to-size labels as well!

Our custom labels are durable, attractive, and professional, helping your lip balm product to outshine any of the others. Our labels use the highest quality materials for lip balm labels that don’t fade, wrinkle, or peel away. Whatever your labelling needs may be, we can help.

To learn more about our many exciting products and services, please contact us today! We look forward to working with you and helping you to create the highest quality lip balm label that stands out above any of the others. 

Printed Roll Labels
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