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Is Your Color Label Printing Getting the Best Emotional Response?

January 10, 2017

Imagine your favorite brands and think of the colors that immediately come to mind. Chances are, you think of red when you imagine Coca Cola, or red and tan when you think of Target. You might think of blue when you picture Walmart or dark green when you think of Barnes & Noble. But the one main thing they all have in common? These major brands all have a unique color that makes them stand out above many of the smaller brands around. However, any brand can master this technique when they choose the perfect colors to represent their business. The same techniques apply to product labels!

Choosing a Color That Evokes Emotion

Even if you sell a product or service that isn’t exciting, provocative, or emotional in any way—you still want to evoke enough emotion in your consumer to get them to choose your product over the competition’s. For example, the emotion could be something as simple as making the customer feel secure or confident in their decision to choose you.

When it comes to color label printing, choosing the right colors is critical. Colors can make or break your sales goals. According to Shopify, 85 percent of customers admit that color choices are their main reasons for purchasing a product. So, to help you decide on the perfect color for your brand—let’s discuss some of the most popular colors around and which emotions they help to evoke in a consumer.

Automotive and Food Industries

As you may already know, red is probably the most effective color choice for attention-grabbing. Red makes people think and act more quickly than they normally would—which can be great for encouraging shoppers to make an impulse purchase. Science even suggests that seeing the color red causes our blood pressure and respiration rates to rise!

If you work in the automotive or food industry, red is the best color choice for you.

Technology and Health Care

Orange is attention-grabbing, playful, and fun—but it’s also warm and inviting at the same time. Orange also helps to arouse mentality and increases oxygen supply in the human body. If you work in the technology or health care industry, using the color orange will give you the best possible results.

Household and Energy Industries

Yellow is warm, happy, and energizing. Additionally, yellow is positive, inviting, and creative. Can you think of any better color for the energy and household industries?

Energy and Finance

Green is another great color for using in the energy industry. Green is associated with the environment, but it also pairs well with money and finance as well. If you work in the finance or energy industry, consider using green on your product labels.

Airlines and Health Care

Several major airline and health care brands have already mastered the technique of using the color blue—think United Airlines and Delta or Blue Cross Blue Shield. Blue is a calming, secure, and dependable color, making it perfect for flying or choosing a health care provider.

Clothing and Automotive Industries

Black is elegant, sophisticated, and timeless, making it the finest color for clothing and automotive industries. Black can also be associated with fear or grief, however, so it’s important to use a color combination that depicts the type of emotion you’re striving for.

Create Your Labels Today

Now that you know which colors to use for your color label printing projects, it’s time to apply them to your brand. Take a look at this interesting collection of color combinations from the world’s most popular brands and use the collection, along with our tips, to develop a creative color scheme that works for your product labels.

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