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Introducing Freestyle Labeling: An Innovation The Label Industry Will Never Forget!

September 14, 2012 President, Adam Gray, attended the Label Expo in Chicago, IL this past week along with fellow employees. In this blog post, he details his experience, his thoughts and his opinion on where the labeling industry is going in the near future.

Being it only my 3rd consecutive LabelExpo show in a row, I still feel as if I have only seen a glimpse of our industry’s now computer-paced technology. I am completely fascinated with the progression of technologies such as laser cutting, semi-rotary die cutting, digital inkjet presses that can produce commercial quality full color prints in seconds and run hundreds of feet a minute, and the best yet – the combination of some of these technologies to create what we are calling ‘freestyle labeling’.

The talent in our industry is absolutely incredible. Specialists from all over the world, engineers and artists combine their knowledge and abilities from Europe, Asia, the United States, and all parts of South America and Latin countries bringing in the ‘Lamborghini’s’ of our industry to a single floor in Chicago, IL for an experience and feeling that Converters like us cannot explain.

Freestyle labeling, I believe, is the innovation that our industry will never forget. The ability to produce any size label on any material with any print, with absolutely no set up required other than a quick pre-press file inspection. Allowing our Customers to have exactly what they have ordered at any quantity within a matter of hours.

Our world’s economic state has encouraged smaller businesses, start-ups, and private label manufacturer’s to push as hard as they can to grow. We are in an environment where larger business models do not work for everyone – therefore encouraging start-ups and new ventures. If any positive does exist in our state of economy - a higher unemployment rate and a more difficult environment to succeed has forced, I believe, more desire for innovation and change. This market demands faster turnaround of smaller quantities, and complex multiple-lot orders.

Of course these technology innovations are attractive to us here at, the only challenge we are now faced with is securing the commitment of both our existing Customers as well as to explore new revenue channels in order to acquire these capabilities – and that, is a challenge I know we are able to take head-on.

As our team here at continues to grow as a result of our team’s dedication and commitment to our quality of product and service to our Customers – I still know we have only barely scratched the surface of what is to come as a participant in such an evolving industry.

I have great respect to those involved in designing and implementing these new technologies in to our industry – and cannot wait to experience what is to come.

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