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Interesting Uses for Labels That You May Have Never Considered

February 04, 2015

The ways in which you can use labels is endless, sometimes it just takes a little outside the box thinking to come up with creative uses. We have written about many different ways to use your labels in the past, but we wanted to write another post with some other ways to use them that you may have never considered.

Chore Charts for Kids

Keeping track of household chores is necessary with children who are just learning how to be responsible. This is a simple way for you and your children to keep track of chores on a daily or weekly basis.

This is very easy to setup with a printable monthly calendar, and some small circle labels. We would recommend using a bright colored label for each child, this way it is easy to differentiate. The colored labels will also make it easy to see them from anywhere in the room, that way you know if one of the kids did not do their scheduled chores.

Instrument Learning Assistance

This is another great way to use labels, and it will help your child as they are learning a new, and confusing instrument. This will not work on all instruments, but it works very well on guitars, pianos, keyboards, and other instruments that have room to stick a label to.

Small round labels are perfect in this situation, but you can also use different size label depending on the size of the area that it is being placed. To do this all that you need to do is put the musical notes on the label, and then adhere it to the proper piano key or on the back of your guitar. This will help the child remember all of the notes while they are learning.

Eventually they will know the notes and keys without the labels and you will want to take them off, so removable labels should be used.

Personalized Seals

Creating personalized seals for greeting cards and special letters is a great way to make your mail stand out. They give your mail a fancy look when labels are used as an envelope seal, which makes it great for special occasions and holidays.

Any type of smaller label works perfectly for these seals, but small round labels are perfect to fit nicely on the envelope seal flap. You can use a silver or gold metallic label to really make your mail shine when it is received.


One of the best ways to use labels is to use them for one of their main purposes, messaging. This is not an interesting use by itself, but it can be when the messaging itself is unique. As a brand it is important to always find new ways to talk to your customers, and labels with your product packaging will be seen, so it is an easy way to get their attention. 

Another option for messaging is to give out free printed labels that customers and friends can stick wherever they would like. This is a form of cheap advertising for you and it is a great way to generate brand awareness. Be sure to list any pertinent information on these labels so people that see your message can find you easily!

Marking a Path

This is a tip that can come in handy if you are hosting an event or get together in a place that may get confusing. Recently I had to attend an event at my 6 year old sons’ school, and on the way to the room I need to be, I found myself lost in the hallways. There were no signs, or any other ways for me to tell where I was supposed to be, but if the path was marked, it would have saved me 5 minutes. I also noticed many other parents making the same mistakes and getting confused.

Using colored round labels to mark the path every 10-20 feet would have made things so much easier. If multiple paths were needed for other rooms, then using a couple of different colored labels would work great to mark out multiple paths.There would have been no way to get confused, and removable labels would easily come off after the event was finished.

Next time you are involved in something where there is potential for confusion like this, just use labels to show the way!

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