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Five Ingredients To A Successful Juice Bar

July 05, 2017

Thinking of starting a juice bar, or revamping one that you’re currently running? With the juice craze still running strong across the country, it’s a hot business to be in. However, with such great opportunity comes some pretty fierce competition. It’s simply not enough to just sell juice from a bland storefront or street stand. In order to be successful the juice bar industry these days, there are some pretty key ingredients that can put you ahead and that you’ll want to make sure you include in the planning of your juice bar.

1. Fresh Fruit With A Great Display

The number one ingredient that you will need is fresh ingredients! While it seems like a basic concept to have fresh fruit at a juice bar, this is something that many shops often try to skimp on to save money. At the most basic level, your juice is your product and if it’s not as fresh as it can possibly be, then your sales will reflect that.

It’s important to source locally, buy your fruit at markets or from local farmers, as well as create a bright and beautiful display that people will see when they enter your store. While any dents or bruises shouldn’t impact the taste produced from the juice of these fruit, always make sure to place them with their best side facing forward, in as clean, colorful, and organized a display as possible.

Fresh Fruit For Juice Bar

2. Interior and Exterior Vibes

As with most trendy business industries, the interior design of your juice bar has to be on point. Try and decorate based on a theme related to the name of your juice bar, and the more creative you can be with it, the better. Include natural wood and lush plants, as well as a few funky statement pieces. This will create an environment that people not only want to visit, but also share on social media platforms, increasing the spread and reach of your brand. If you live in a temperate enough area, make sure you have a location with an outdoor terrace that your customers can enjoy, as most juice is consumed in conjunction with warmer temperatures. Make your bar the talk of the town!

Interior Design For Juice Bar

3. Community Engagement

Whether it’s by hosting weekly events such as a trivia night, or sponsoring local events, community engagement is an important promotional aspect that will really pay off. By hosting or sponsoring these events, you’re able to integrate and build some real clout within the community for your business. With events that you host within your store, you’ll see the sales results right away!

4. Sweet Packaging

When it comes to packaging your juice, plain, unlabeled bottles simply will not cut it. Great branding within your juice bar is one thing, but in order to really stand out, you’ll need something that travels outside your doors, and that is where sweet labels come into play. There are quite a few trendy options that you can choose from, so pick one that suits your vibe and will help catch the eye of potential customers around town.


Juice Labels

5. Customer Loyalty Plan

For the average juice buyer, it can get expensive to purchase your fresh juice every day. Go ahead and reward those frequent buyers with a rewards plan. It can be as simple as a stamp card with nine stamps to get the 10th juice free, or you can make it more complex with a point system. Whatever loyalty program you choose, it will keep those frequent juicers coming back and entice new customers to become regulars!


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