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Influential Packaging & Labeling Communities on LinkedIn & Google+

January 02, 2015

We recently did a post that listed some of the packaging/labeling industry influencers on Twitter, but since that post was just for Twitter we wanted to do another one that covered some of the professional industry groups on other platforms. In this post we list some of the popular groups that are good to follow on LinkedIn and Google+.

Whether you are looking to learn more about the packaging industry as a whole, or if you are just interested in packaging design, you will find a group in this list that will benefit you.

Google+ Communities

This is a good community that is dedicated to all things packaging  including food and beverages, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, industrial packaging, and more.

The Packaging World Google+ Community discusses news, trends, and innovations in the packaging industry.

The Packaging Enthusiasts G+ community has discussions pertaining to packaging on every level. If you work in the packaging industry this can be a very beneficial community to be a part of.

The Packaging Design group is focused completeley around the design and creation of different types of packaging.

This Packaging Cosmos G+ community is for people interested in all types of packaging, including corrugated, plastics, protective packaging, labeling, etc.

The Label printing community on Google+ is aimed at printers of labels, stickers, decals, adhesives and much more.

This is another excellent group for anyone involved in the labeling, product decoration, packaging, and the converting industry.

The Food and Package Design Community is focused on consumer product packaging and brand strategy.

The Graphic Design Community is not totally focused around the labeling and packaging industry, but since packaging design is such an important factor for any successful product, it is an important community to follow.

The Graphic Design and Digital Art community is for those of you in the packaging industry that need to be creative.The community members share plenty of great info related to design and digital art.

LinkedIn Groups

The Packaging Professionals LinkedIn group is a nice place to meet, brainstorm, and most importantly, network.

Packaging Design Professionals is a subgroup of Packaging Professionals that was created to discuss applications, trends, requirements, and solutions for automated packaging machinery

Here is an excellent LinkedIn group for all packaging design professionals, this is also another subgroup of Packaging professionals. There are many discussions on packaging design, branding, and much more.

Packaging Design is another very helpful Linkedin group for designers. This group is for all designers and is not just focused on packaging design.

Packaging World is one of the leading packaging industry publications for packaging and labeling professionals across all package-using industries. This is their LinkedIn group which is full of industry influencers and great packaging related discussions.

The Packaging Technology group is dedicated to professionals within the packaging industry that are focused on packaging technology and development. The group has over 15,000+ members internationally and is a very active community.

The Green Packaging Forum discusses news, trends, and analysis on the Green packaging industry. With green packaging being on the minds of many industry professionals this is an important area to stay current with.

The Packaging Connections LinkedIn group is for anybody connected with packaging or interested in packaging. All members need to also be registered at PackagingConnections.com. If you are not registered on the site, you need to join with free membership there, and then join here.

The Institute of Packaging Professionals is a group dedicated to both networking and educational opportunities that help packaging professionals stay current with the industry changes and trends.

The last group in our list is all about packaging Innovation, and it's dedicated to innovation and brand new concepts in the packaging industry.

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