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Ideas for Using Labels at Your Superbowl Party

January 30, 2015

It is almost Superbowl Sunday! 2 More days to go and the big game will be here. This means getting together with your friends and family to relax and enjoy the biggest sporting event of the year. If you are hosting a party this Sunday you can take advantage of using blank labels to keep things organized.

Buffet Labels

A traditional Superbowl party has all kinds of good food, including pizza, wings, chips, dips, and all kinds of other goodies. One of the easiest ways to put your food out for all of the guests to enjoy is setting up a buffet style table.

When setting up a buffet table it is important to properly label everything so people do not get confused. You do not want someone that does not like spicy foods accidentally eating the wrong type of wing, or someone with allergies eating something that they should not. It is very affordable to order all temperature labels which are excellent for hot and cold food trays. These blank labels can they be printed, or written on, and then adhered to the proper foods.

Drink Labels

A common problem that is seen at many parties and large gatherings is getting drinks mixed up. It happens in an instant, you set your drink down, get talking, and then forget where you put the drink.

This is another area where blank labels can come in handy. Since drinks have excess moisture it is important to use strong, weatherproof labels so they stay on the cup or bottle even with condensation.

Homebrew Labels

Homebrewers love a good reason to try a new brew, and the Superbowl is a great reason for sports fans. If you are brewing your own beer, or you have a friend that is, why not create some custom Superbowl homebrew beer bottle labels!

You can have these provided as blank labels that you can print right at home, or you can have them printed for you so when you receive them they are ready to stick to your bottles!

Name Tags

These may or may not be needed, depending on the size of the party. If you are having a huge blowout and there will be a lot of people that do not know each other than name tag labels can be very convenient.

Name tags will help people get more comfortable when being in a room with many people they do not know. Having name tag labels available for your guests will also make your guests feel more comfortable mingling with others. These are very easy to write on, or even print in your home printer if you prefer that over the handwritten labels.

Key Tags

This is an important one since you do not want anyone leaving your party that has had too much to drink. It is a good idea when all of your guests arrive to have them hand over their keys, which is for their own safety. In order to not get your guests keys all mixed up, it is important to label them as they are given to you.

Small labels, like these 2” x 0.5” labels are great for key tag labels, as well as for other smaller objects. These labels also work very well as price tag labels. Ordering even one sheet of these labels will provide you with 72 labels, which will be plenty in most cases. At SheetLabels.com we have no minimum order requirements, so you can order as little as you like!

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