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Ideas for Custom Family Photo Magnets

May 15, 2015

It is springtime and everything is blooming for the summer season. Trees are getting their leaves back, gardens are started, and flowers are blooming. This is a great time of year to hire a photographer to take some pictures of the family. Once you have some good photos, it is simple and cheap to order custom photo magnets from!

With the nice spring weather there are many places that can be found to have your family photos taken, and choosing your best photos to have printed on magnets is something to think about. Since custom printed magnets are so affordable they are perfect to give to loved ones so they can have a nice picture on their fridge.

Taking photos can also be done easily by yourself just by using the timer on your camera. There are many things you can do to create lasting memories that can be captured on your personalized magnets.

Below are some popular family spring and summer activities that are great places to capture family memories.

  • Park

Kids always love going to the park, and they always have fun running around and playing on swings, slides, and other playground equipment. Family time at the park is also a great opportunity to get some great photos of the kids having fun.

To create a custom magnet you want to be sure to take high resolution pictures to ensure that the photo magnet comes out nice and sharp. The higher quality of the image you use, the better the magnet will come out.

  • Bike/Scooter Riding

Another fun spring and summer activity that all kids love is riding their bikes and scooters. These activities are also a perfect opportunity to get nice pictures of your kids having fun. Pictures of your kids doing what they love and laughing and smiling are the perfect types of photos to use on your custom magnets.

Printed photo magnets make perfect gifts for close friends, family, and other loved ones. They are also a great way to remember a special moment and preserve them on a useful product.

  • Hiking

Hiking with the family can be a lot of fun, it is also great exercise, and time for family bonding while getting out and enjoying nature. It is good to get out and get the fresh air that hiking provides, and there will be plenty of great photo opportunities along the way.

Using the timer on your camera is a good way to get the whole family in the picture. A tripod will help but there will be things that you can find to position the camera properly even if you do not have a tripod. Capturing fun adventures with your family and then creating magnets from the best one will help keep the memory fresh in your mind every time you see the magnet.

  • Enjoying Ice Cream

Ice cream is loved by kids and parents’ alike, and eating ice cream together on a warm evening can make for some excellent pictures and memories. Kids are always cute eating ice cream when they are young and still make a mess with it. 

Taking pics of family ice cream time may even warrant two different magnets. One photo magnet can be of the kids by themselves with ice cream all over their faces, and another can be the whole family together. The magnets that we offer are cheap enough so it is very affordable to have 2 separate photo magnets made. 

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