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How to Safety Label Products in Honor of Baby Safety Month

September 27, 2016

The month of September is Baby Safety Month, and it isn’t exclusive to parents of young children or daycare providers. Baby Safety Month is an especially important time of the year for manufacturers to make sure that their custom labels are up-to-date with safety warnings and child-proof product packaging. Products that are potentially harmful to babies, toddlers, or children should all be properly labeled as such on durable label materials that won’t fade or loosen over time.

Labels Increase Brand Loyalty

Not only is it morally and ethically correct to use safety warning labels, but these labels can also help to increase brand loyalty. According to Label & Narrow Web (L&NW), some products are regulated by mandatory labeling laws, but companies can always go above and beyond these regulations to include additional safety warnings to keep children, toddlers, and babies free from harm.

Parents of young children may be impressed that companies are doing their part to keep babies, toddlers, and children safe, and may be more likely to buy products that include these important custom labels instead of purchasing products from companies that do not use them.

Labels Must Be Strong and Durable

When there are children present, any household item may become greasy, sticky, or worn over a shorter amount of time. For items that receive regular or heavy use, labels may also fade away or loosen over time. Safety warning labels, however, cannot fade over time. If they do, they may become hazardous or lead to choking or poisoning, depending on the type of product you sell.

Warning labels must be highly durable and long-lasting, even after heavy use. It is especially important that these labels do not budge since the warning label will always apply and will always be harmful or hazardous in one way or another. Companies may update these labels to include additional relevant information, but the basic message will always remain the same. For this reason, it’s important that these labels be highly durable.


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Safety Labels Won’t Push Customers Away

You might be thinking that warning labels might deter parents with young children from buying your product. In reality, shoppers will be more appreciative that your company is being honest and transparent with customers, similar to brands that include additional nutrition information on food labels.

Shoppers want to be well-informed and educated before making a purchase, and they’ll appreciate that you took the time to include important safety information on your custom labels.

Purchase Your Labels From Sheet-Labels.com

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Contact us today and let us assist you with your safety warning label needs! Baby Safety Month is the perfect time of the year to review your warning labels and product packaging to ensure safety for all.  

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