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How to Choose the Best Type of Promotional Sticker for Your Business

October 07, 2016

When you hear the word “sticker” what exactly do you think of? Do you think of bright yellow stickers that read “sale”, or do you think of stickers with company logos that you can place on your car, laptop, or other belongings?

When it comes to stickers, printing comes with a variety of options. At SheetLabels.com, we offer our clients stickers in the form of labels, wall graphics, and automotive window stickers to help promote their brand. Not sure which type of sticker your business needs? Request free samples or contact us for further assistance. We’re here to help!

Product Labels

One of the most obvious types of promotional stickers are labels. Labels are used to help customers identify brands or product names, ingredients, and product packaging. Labels are meant to be placed on the surface of a product.

At SheetLabels.com, we offer printed or blank labels for a wide range of markets. For example, we sell barcode labels, nutrition labels, cosmetic labels, food labels, beer and wine labels, warning labels, and more. Our selection of product labels come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials.

Custom Printed Wall Graphics 

If you’re looking for wall graphics, decals, or wall stickers, printing options are available at SheetLabels.com. These types of stickers are just like regular promotional stickers except they are more graphical and come in larger sizes, to be placed on glass, walls, ceilings, and even floors.

Our wall graphics come in four different sizes, including 16” x 20”, 18” x 24”, 20” x 30”, and 24” x 36”. Our wall graphics are printed on removable adhesive fabric and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Automotive Window Stickers

We offer three different types of automotive stickers, including custom printed automotive stickers, pre-printed window stickers, and blank window stickers.

Order our pre-printed window stickers if you’re in need of FTC Mandated Buyers Guides, “AS-IS” labels, or “Implied Warranty” automotive stickers. Blank window stickers are also available for your needs.

Our custom printed stickers are highly durable and are made on White Uncoated All Temperature material. Since they’re specifically made for automotive windows, they can handle even the most frigid, rainy, and humid climates.

Choose the Best Promotional Sticker for You

Now that you know the difference between the types of stickers we offer, you can decide on a promotional sticker that works best for you and your brand.

When you order your stickers, printing is done right here in-house at our new 35,000 square-foot facility in Glens Falls, NY. We serve over 50,000 active customers nationwide and we’d love to serve you as well. We are premier manufacturers of blank labels, printed labels, roll labels, and magnets, and we’d love to help you grow your brand.

With great sticker options like product labels, wall graphics, and automotive stickers, we know it may be difficult to choose the perfect sticker to start with. If you have any questions or are in need of assistance before ordering, please don’t hesitate to contact us! 

Printed Individual Cut Down Labels
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