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How to Achieve Delicious Bakery Item Labels

September 21, 2016

Often times, bakery items don’t need a product label to encourage shoppers to buy the product. If shoppers have a sweet tooth, smelling the bakery item or looking at the packaging is often a good enough selling point. In addition, product packaging is usually partially clear to allow customers to see the full product before purchasing it.

Online Products Need Eye-Catching Labels

While baked goods sold in stores have an advantage, you can’t see or smell the finished product if you’re ordering a bakery item online or if it’s homemade and sold on Etsy.

This is where product labels come in. When you’re selling bakery items, your product labels should be just as delicious-looking as the product itself. When you order bakery product labels online from Sheet-Labels.com, you can be sure that your labels will look as wonderful as the baked items taste!

Creative Packaging

Everyone loves the idea of being able to buy store-bought cookies that look, feel, and taste like homemade cookies. Why not try packaging your cookies in cookie jars with a recipe card as the label? Sometimes nostalgic marketing does the trick. Studies show that nostalgia has been shown to achieve good results in the field of marketing, and selling baked goods is the perfect opportunity to optimize nostalgia in your product packaging.

For other ideas, browse through some old baking advertisements or product labels from the past and see if you can incorporate any of those designs into your own. 

Sometimes Simple is Best

Sometimes round labels give baked goods the perfect touch they need, like with  these cupcakes from India’s Sweet Creations. These cupcakes are accompanied by simple and round product labels, which are perfect for their intended use at a local farmer’s market.

If you have round labels in mind for your product, view our large selection of round bakery labels on our website.

Easy-to-Read Labels

These cupcakes from The Shabby Creek Cottage show each cupcake in single plastic cups with the name, price, and common allergens clearly listed on the product label. Not only are the labels informative, but the packaging is convenient for bake sales or farmer’s markets.

When people shop somewhere like bake sales or farmer’s markets, they usually don’t have a lot of time to read labels before they need to move on, due to crowds or waiting lines. When you display all of the information up front for customers to see, you make things much easier on the shopper, especially those with food allergies or dietary restrictions.

Vibrant and Fun Labels

Sometimes labels should just be downright fun, like these cookies. These labels are fun and filled with vibrant colors which makes the whole experience that much more enjoyable.

Brightly colored packages stand out amongst baked goods packed in clear containers or white boxes, where the focus is usually on the finished product rather than the packaging or the label. Instead, draw the consumer in with your awesome packaging and an amazing finished product.

Label Your Sweet Treats With Sheet-Labels.com

Baked goods are fun and enjoyable, and their product labels should be the same. At Sheet-Labels.com, we offer you a wide variety of product labels online for any of your bakery label needs. Whether you want printed roll labels, sheet labels, cut-to-size labels, or blank labels, we’ve got you covered.


View our full selection of bakery labels on our website and choose from a variety of great shapes and sizes. You want your product labels to look as good as the items you’re selling, and we can help to make that possible.


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