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How SheetLabels.com Can Save You Money

February 17, 2015

At SheetLabels.com, we are always looking for ways that we can show our customers that we appreciate them. We always strive to provide the best possible quality products at the best prices in the industry. In addition to our already great prices, we do many other things to give our valuable customers discounts regularly.


One of the ways that we can help save you money is by sending out coupons to all of our registered customers via email. We send out coupons frequently, so if you have not registered on our site or joined our email list, you may be missing out on some great deals!

Why wait any longer? Sign up now so we can save you even more money on your labeling needs than we already do. Here is the link to register, and you can sign up for the email list here.

You can count on a coupon to arrive via email usually on a weekly basis, but there are many special occasions where we offer additional discounts.


Another one of the benefits of being a customer at SheetLabels.com, is that we will always provide free samples of the various materials that we offer. This can save you money since you can test out a material before you decide to purchase a larger quantity. It is important to ensure that the material you want to use will properly work with the surface that you are adhering it to.

Our customer service team knows all of our materials very well, so if you are unsure of what label material that you want to try, they are here to help!


Another way that we can help save you money, is by offering tips and advice. We have posts with tips and advice right here on our blog, including tips on cheaper ways to do projects, how to use labels for unique projects, and much more.

Our customer service team is also available to help with any printing issues you may have. This can help you cut down on wasted material when you are having issues running label materials through your printer. The customer service team is also always available to help walk you through an order so you can get your labels at the best price possible, every time. 

Helene on May 28, 2015 in 01:33pm
what are your minimums, say on the roll labels
Shawn on Jun 3, 2015 in 02:34pm
Hello Helene, Thank you for the comment, that is a great question. Normally we do not have any minimums on most of our products. However, with roll labels we have to have a minimum of 50 because of how we have to print them on our press. I can have one of our reps reach out to you and discuss your labeling needs and how we can best serve you. Thanks again, Shawn and the SheetLabels.com team!
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Fastest Service Out there - Quality Products

Our company has ordered numerous Labels from SheetLabels.com over the past few years. We have always received the labels on or before we needed them, they were quality labels, no matter which ones we ordered, and love the fact you can order the quantity you need no matter how small or how... read more
Judith Y.
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Highly recommend this company

They are super fast and very customer service oriented!
Richard L.
5 Star


Tony Dillon is a great customer service representative. He and Lindsey Rice make it very easy to do business with Sheet Label. They can't do enough for you. We are working with the team, headed by Adam Gray, on a very innovative project to fulfill our label needs and save significant resources.
Debbie G.