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How Self-Adhesive Labels Can Benefit Your Company

December 12, 2014

Self-adhesive labels can be a tremendous benefit to your company workplace when they are utilized in all of the ways that they can be. There are many different ways in which both blank and printed labels can be used, some are common while others require thinking outside of the box.

Labels are much more than just paper with an adhesive back, they can be used to tell a story, to get to a point, or merely to cause people to take notice. The ways in which labeling can benefit everyone are too numerous to count since they can be used in any environment to tell people whatever you need to.

Some of these little ways that labels can be used in the workplace can make a world of difference within any company, no matter how big or small they may be.

Here are some of the ways in which you can take advantage of getting the most out of labels.

Safety Reminders

In some work environments there can be a lot of dangerous equipment, so being alert all of the time is essential to preventing injuries. Taking advantage of blank labels can be a great way to remind all employees about their safety and to always be paying attention to what’s going on around them.

Positive Reinforcement

Everyone will deal with the bad days at work, but the important thing is to not let them bad days stick with you. Positive messages can be written or printed on labels and then stuck around the building where your employees will see them. Positive messaging can provide a nice boost to company morale and can change someons bad day in an instant.

Reminder Messages

Is there something around your workplace that employees always forget to do? Maybe there is a light that everyone always forgets to turn off, or maybe some employees always forget to clock out?

If this is the case, using self-adhesive labels to casually remind the employees to do these things will help this improve. Everyone needs a little reminder about small tasks from time to time, and using blank labels to help them remember is a simple way to do this.


Another great way to use custom printed or blank labels is to provide instructions, or directions on how to use something. It may even be a coffee pot in your company break room, or a certain way that you want boxes stacked. Making sure that everyone knows how to use something that may be confusing will help eliminate any potential problems. A label is a great way to inform people of the best way to do something in almost any situation.


One of the most common uses of labels in many facilities is for organizational purposes. They are a great way to categorize materials, files, and anything else that you need to keep in order. Using labels to help get organized and stay organized will help eliminate clutter and can help keep the facility functioning at a high level.


Here is another way where labels can come in handy, to help motivate. Some days people can drag a little bit, this could be from being tired or just working too hard. Leaving nice little motivational messages that they can see daily will give them a much needed little boost to get through the day.

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