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How Packaging Can Make or Break a Brand

April 16, 2015

Packaging is constantly evolving, it has become much more than just a box to protect its contents. Product packaging has become a way to stand out against your competition, attract new customers, and a great way to communicate with consumers.

Think of your packaging as the face of your brand, and a great platform for telling your customers anything that you need to.

Highly effective packaging will create a connection with the consumer, it will also convey what the brand stands for. Creating a connection with consumers is one of the best ways to sell more of the product, and it will also help with customer loyalty.

Having a well-designed package says a lot about a brand, one of the main things that it tells customers is that you care enough to take the extra time and effort to make your packaging the best it can be.

Good vs. Bad

Good packaging can make a brand, and bad packaging can put a brand out of business. It is important to understand what differentiates good and bad when it comes to product packaging.

Bad packaging often neglects many of the important factors that will make your packaging “pop” to consumers. Some of the biggest mistakes that brands make is not properly taking advantage of their packaging to get their message out to consumers.

Some of the other common mistakes that are made with packaging include wasted materials, non-recyclable packaging, bad use of colors and fonts. These things can all turn a package into an eyesore, and that will turn consumers away from your product and towards another one that has beautiful, recyclable packaging.

Important Factors

There are many different elements that factor into amazing packaging design, careful consideration should be placed on each of the design elements below.

  • Colors

The colors that you use on your packaging should be colors that are appealing to consumers. The right color scheme can increase brand recognition, and can make the product really stand out.

This guide on colors can be a nice resource to help you better understand color theory in design.

  • Logo

Your logo is another very important detail that should be on all branded products. Since your brand packaging is the face of the brand, your logo is the eyes of that face. When a consumer sees your package on a shelf, the logo should be very prominent and should be able to be seen from any side of the packaging.

  • Tagline

The brand tagline is the best way to get your company message to consumers, it should be short and to the point, but also catchy and memorable. The tagline that you use for your brand should remain consistent, and should be on the packaging for every product that you offer.

  • Unique Identifiers

Many of the most successful brands in the world use some type of unique identifier on their packaging. This could be a unique shaped package, a character, or even a bow tied on the package. Having something that gives the product a little extra something will help it to stand out above all others on the shelves.

The unique identifier should be something that will identify your product even if the brand logo, name, or tagline are hidden.

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