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Order High-Tack White Polyester Printed Labels From SheetLabels.com For Your Heavy-Duty Labeling Projects!

January 08, 2014

At SheetLabels.com we offer an extremely durable label material for our customers who need labels for their toughest labeling projects.

Our High-Tack White Polyester labels are weatherproof and tear-resistant. The adhesive on these labels is a high-tack permanent. For that reason, these labels are sold only as printed labels! We do recommend that customers test a small quantity of these labels before placing a larger order.

The white surface of these High-Tack White Polyester labels makes printing bright colors easy. Printed label customers from SheetLabels.com have two options when ordering. Those two options are:

  1. Printed labels on a sheet
  2. Individual printed labels

The High-Tack White Polyester labels have a minimum application temperature of +40 degrees Fahrenheit. These labels can withstand temperatures ranging from -45 degrees Fahrenheit, to +147 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes these labels great for indoor and outdoor labeling!

There are many common uses for the High-Tack White Polyester labels from SheetLabels.com. Some of the most common uses for this label material include:

  • Product, package & promotional labeling
  • Labeling machines
  • Labeling rubber tires
  • Equipment & asset labeling
  • Barcode labeling
  • Labeling products or packaging that may be exposed to the elements

The next time you’re looking for an extremely durable, weatherproof label that can be used during any season, remember the High-Tack White Polyester labels from SheetLabels.com!

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Helena Pepper Co. - Clark's Caribbean Seven Sauce

Nick Dunphy, I'm shipping you bottle of sauce! What an awesome job on my labels. They match what I created and sent to be printed, perfectly. Pre cut saves me time, and the backing peels off extremely easily with no hassles. The pricing, quality, and customer service is the best I have found... read more
James W.
5 Star

We really appreciate the fast service!

We really appreciate the fast service! It is very quick ordering process and we get exactly what we need. Thank you.
Kimberly G.
5 Star

Great service

gold foil round 12-up labels are great product & fast shipping; thank you!
Tom M.