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The Next Time You’re Thinking Durability: Think HIGH-TACK Labels!

August 13, 2012

Downtown Glens Falls is host to many fun community events. One of their most recent events, held at Haviland Cove was the 22nd Annual Million Dollar Duck Race. The growing number of participants at this event has led to more and more sponsors over time.

With a million dollars on the line you can be sure that while the event was all in fun, the competition was real! On the line was $2,012 and a grand prize of one million dollars for any lucky contestant whose duck was picked by judges to win the race beforehand!

Many local businesses, including, took part by sponsoring the event. During the race, ducks are dropped into the water, which is lined by pool noodles to help keep the rubber racers on track!

You may ask, how with a competition so fierce with over 3,000 competitors, are they able to tell the ducks apart and determine a winner? That’s where comes into the equation! HIGH-TACK White Polyester Weatherproof labels helped to determine the difference between the racing ducks. The HIGH-TACK White Polyester Weatherproof label is our strongest label with a super sticky adhesive. Because the glue on our HIGH-TACK labels is so strong, these labels are great for multiple uses.

We recommend HIGH-TACK White Polyester labels for anyone looking for a permanent labeling solution! The printing on these labels turns out beautiful as it would on our other labels, and is even more permanent than the labels you’re used to!

If you’re in the market for a permanent printed label to withstand water, than look no further. The HIGH-TACK White Polyester Weatherproof label is perfect for you!

What are some ways you could put our HIGH-TACK White Polyester labels to good use?

Please Note: *Our HIGH-TACK White Polyester Weatherproof labels are the only labels at that we don’t sell blank. Because, the “glue” or adhesive is so strong, we don’t want customers running the labels through their personal printers.

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