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Halloween’s Orange And Black Have More Meaning Than One May Have Thought!

October 23, 2012

As Halloween inches closer and closer and costumes and candy continue to fly off retail store shelves, why not dive into the history behind the colors of Halloween?

During the month of October the color orange is everywhere. Leaves change from green to orange, neighborhoods are decorated with orange lights and scarecrows are dressed in burnt orange clothing.

Though orange is common during the fall months, how did it become associated with the scary holiday known as Halloween?

The color orange is the most prevalent autumn color as seen in pumpkins! Pumpkins are used as centerpieces and also carved out with ghoulish faces and lit with candles lighting up the porches of homes.

Orange is also associated with strength and endurance. Though it hasn’t been said for sure, many believe that the strength was meant for the harvest that occurs in fall.

Halloween at one point in time, and for some to this day is viewed as a festival of the dead. Death is symbolized by darkness and lack of color, just like the color black. Black is also a frequent color around this holiday, shown by decorative witches, black cauldrons full of candy and the symbolic black cat.

Halloween is a holiday of trickery and most celebrate by masking themselves with costumes and going out after dark. The darkness and black of night provides the perfect shield for the tricksters who strike when they haven’t received a treat.

Even if you didn’t know what month it was, if you walk down a city block or into a retail store the costumes, candy and colors would trigger a response for most that Halloween is quickly approaching!

Let us know on our Facebook or Twitter page what your Halloween plans are this year, will you be dressing up?

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