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Halloween Fun For Children With Labels

October 20, 2014
fun with labels

It is official, summer is over and fall is here in full swing. It is also getting close to a favorite holiday for both kids and adults, Halloween! Pumpkins are being carved, costumes are being picked, and Halloween decorations adorn houses all over the country. This also means that Halloween parties are being planned, and fun activities for children can be a lot of fun for the kids and even their parents.

We have some excellent ideas for making this holiday extra special by getting crafty with label products. Here are 7 different ideas for Halloween fun with your kids.

1 - Halloween Party Beverage Labels

If you have a Halloween party planned for adults or children then this is an idea that will work out great for you. This will also eliminate people losing their drinks while walking around and socializing at your party. This is a very simple and time efficient project that you can do by yourself or with your children. To get started you just need to get some rectangle labels, crayons or markers, and a little creativity. To ensure that the labels do not get ruined by condensation you can always use special weatherproof labels.

The next step is to decide on how you want your drink labels to look, this is perfect to have your kids do since kids often think of interesting ideas and love to draw. They can draw pumpkins, skeletons, vampires, or anything else related to Halloween. They can decorate all of the labels and then you can go through and label them all with the names of everyone attending the party, a sharpie will be best for the names. If you want to go a little further you can come up with creepy Halloween names for all of the guests and then label them with the fun name.

2 - Halloween Stickers for Treat Bags

We all know how hectic Halloween night can be when you have multiple kids to take trick or treating. Like anything else it is very common for kids to misplace things and get them mixed up. This is where Halloween treat bag labels can come in handy.

These labels are easy to make and can be made with labels of any shape or size. It is as simple as putting each kids name on their bag. This can also be taken a step further by coloring the labels or even just drawing a scary picture on each to go along with the name. This is another perfect opportunity to let your kids get creative by drawing their own picture on their label.

3 - Fun/Scary Candy Labels

Why not get crafty with the candy that you are handing out this Halloween?

This is another easy yet fun craft that you can do with your kids and will help make the night special for the children coming to your door. Since you can get labels in different sizes that will match the sizes of your candy package this can be done with all types of candy, some may be require rectangle shaped labels and others may require small oval labels. Using these different sizes can ensure that you cover the original candy wrapper logo with your Halloween message.

This is another fun project that the kids can help you with since you can create a Halloween themed background and then label them with whatever you like. Here are some fun ideas of what you can label them with: Chocolate covered fingers, peanut butter eyeballs, crispy worms, etc.

4 - Spooky Face Cans

Another fun Halloween craft can be created with soup cans and labels. This project is another great one to have your kids help with and they can make the faces either spooky or funny.

In order to get the cans to look as nice as possible it is important to remove the old label on the soup can. After removing the label you should wash the can to remove as much of the old label residue as possible so the new labels stick well.

The next step is designing your blank labels with your holiday art. There are many creepy traditional Halloween characters to draw on your labels including a witch, skeleton, vampire, bats, and anything else that you and your kids consider scary. Once the labels are all finished then it is time to put them on your blank cans and get them outside with your other Halloween decorations. These spooky face cans are great to decorate your porch or yard with and will enhance your fall holiday decor.

5 - Scary Candy Jar Labels

Here is a fun Halloween craft that will add even to the festive décor around the house. This is another project that will require larger size blank labels along with a normal size candy jar. The size of the label that you use can vary, it is really up to you and should be determined based on the size of your candy jar.

As with some of the other projects mentioned in this post, it is all up to you and your kids how you want to decorate the labels. They can have backgrounds drawn and then labeled with anything you like or they can just have a scary Halloween scene drawn on them.

6 - Scary Halloween Milk Jug Lanterns

This is another fun project for you and your children and these milk jug lanterns can help light up your walkway for trick or treaters. These can also be a perfect addition to your Jack O Lanterns since they fit very well together. This project should be planned a little in advance so you can save up a couple opaque milk jugs to use for your lanterns. It is important to clean your used milk jugs and before starting the project, and the bottom of the milk jug needs to be cut off so it can sit over a small candle to get the desired look.

This project can be done using many different label sizes but oval and rectangle labels will fit the best. The oval labels make perfect eyes and they can also be shaped to look more like eyes with just a pair of scissors. The scissors will also be needed to help cut out mouths from blank rectangle labels. You can also add ears, a nose, and anything else you may want to have on your milk jug lanterns. To get an even better effect on your lanterns you can consider our frosty clear matte laser weatherproof stock.  Once the milk jug lantern is done it is time to make it light up by setting it over a tea candle.

7 - Haunted House Signs

Haunted houses are very popular every year during October, and if you are creating your own haunted house then labels are the perfect way to properly guide people through the house. Labels are great for signs because they will stick much better than paper signs held up with tape. Since you will want to remove the signs after Halloween, so you may want to consider removable white uncoated labels.

Once you have decided on the labels and sizes that you need to create your haunted house signs it is time to start making them. As with all of the other projects we have mentioned, this is great for kids and will allow them to draw and color. These can have anything that your children want on them but you should always write whatever you want the sign to read on before they decorate them. This way you can let your kids have free reign and the directions on the sign will also be helpful for guests of the haunted house.

Here are some links with printable Halloween label templates, this will make it even easier for you to get started with any of these projects if you do not draw yourself.

Free Printable Halloween Label Templates

If you are looking for labels to print on and use for your crafts you can find a great selection at SheetLabels.com!

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