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Great Choices for Beer & Wine Labels

April 15, 2015

Home brewing beer and wine making are two very popular crafts all over the world, and branding these homemade products is something that most people that take part in the craft want to do. We get questions frequently from customers seeking advice on the best label materials to use on beer and wine bottles.

In this post we will discuss some of the best label materials for both of these common label uses. We will go over why they are a good option, as well as any special qualities that a specific material may offer. If you need to know what regulations that our material are compliant with you can find that information right HERE.

Roll Labels

  • Estate #9

Estate #9 is one of our new materials, and we just recently started offering roll labels in general. This material is only available on rolls and currently only as a printed product.

This premium grade material has a nice cream finish and a laid texture which gives them a rustic feel. The Estate #9 material will make your wine labels really stand out compared to many wines on the market. They are also a good choice for premium craft beer labels. This is a water resistant label and it has been proven to hold up when immersed in ice buckets.

  • Classic Crest Felt White

The Classic Crest Felt White material is another one of our new label materials. Much like the Estate #9, this material is only available on printed roll labels.

The Classic Crest Felt White is another premium grade material that can help bring a bottle to life. It has a light texture, and makes the print jump right off of the label. This is a very bright white material so it has a nice, clean look.

Sheet Labels

  • White Matte Polyester Laser Weatherproof

The White Matte Polyester Weatherproof label material is another extremely durable, tear resistant label that will work great for all bottle applications. They are white labels and they have a matte finish, and a permanent adhesive. These labels are only compatible with laser printers if you are looking for labels to print at home, but they will work fine in offset presses and copy machines.

  • White Gloss Polyester Laser Weatherproof

This White Gloss Polyester Weatherproof label material is similar to the whit matte poly, except it has a glossy finish which gives it a nice shine. For wine bottle labels and champagne bottles it is a great choice if you are looking for a nice, premium appearance, and it works just as well on beer bottles. This glossy label material is also tear resistant, and it has a tough permanent adhesive. This material is also only compatible with laser printers for home use, but they also work in offset printing presses and photo copiers.

  • Crystal Clear Gloss Polyester Laser Weatherproof

If you are looking for a clear label for your wine and beer bottles then this Crystal Clear Polyester Weatherproof material is the perfect choice. Much like some of the other materials that we offer, this material is durable, weatherproof, and tear resistant, and it has a permanent adhesive. Besides laser printers, it will also work in offset printing presses and photocopiers. This material will give your bottles a nice, modern look that can be seen right through wherever it is not printed on.

  • Frosty Clear Matte Polyester Laser Weatherproof

The Frosty Clear Matte Polyester Weatherproof label material is another high quality material. It is not completely clear since it has a frosted look, but it has a nice appearance when it is used for wine and beer bottle labels. This material is also a tear resistant and an extremely durable weatherproof material, which means it will hold up for many different applications besides just bottle labels. With the permanent adhesive you can be ensured that it will hold up well on your bottles.

If you want to try out sample of any material that we offer you can order them right here, on the SAMPLES page. This includes sheet labels, roll labels, and even magnets!

Laminates (for Printed Roll Labels)

We also offer a couple of different laminates for our roll labels, you can learn more about them here.

  • Gloss Outdoor Laminate

This laminate will give your printed labels a nice, smooth shine, while giving your labels an added layer of protection. The lamination will help keep the print from getting scratched, or ruined when they are exposed to moisture like you will get on bottles. You do not want to use the laminate on an already weatherproof material, but these will work great for any of our roll label materials that are not weatherproof.

  • Matte Outdoor Laminate

This laminate is similar to the other one we offer, except it does not have the glossy, reflective shine to it. It is a matte laminate so it can give your printing the extra protection and smoothness without a glare. If you need extra protection for your labels when they are going to be exposed to moisture, either indoors or outdoors in the wet weather, then laminates will give you that. 

Printed Roll Labels
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