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Gloss Label Materials: Let Your Artwork & Text Shine By Printing On A Gloss Label Material From!

October 01, 2013

Are you looking for labels that give your artwork and text added shine? Do you want a label with a gloss finish?

At we understand that our customers want and deserve labels with a gloss finish. It’s for that reason that we offer four label materials that have a gloss finish for our customers. Those four label materials are:

  1. Crystal Clear Gloss Polyester
  2. High Gloss Laser
  3. Gloss Laser
  4. White Gloss Inkjet

Each of our gloss label materials is different and each gloss label material at benefits specific customers looking for labels with a shiny, gloss finish.

The Crystal Clear Gloss Polyester label material from has no color. These labels are clear and extremely durable. The Crystal Clear Gloss Polyester Laser label material from is also weatherproof and tear-resistant. These gloss labels are compatible with laser printers. Laser printers use toners, which are powders. The toners are heated up and fused into the gloss laser label material.

The second gloss label material offered at is our High Gloss Laser label material. These labels are ideal for printing beautiful, intricate artwork full of bright colors, which is what makes this gloss label material a customer favorite. Our High Gloss Laser label material has a white surface color. The High Gloss Laser label material from is compatible with laser printers.

The third gloss label material offered at for our customers is the Gloss Laser label material. This label material also has a white surface and a gloss finish. The gloss finish on the Gloss Laser label material is subtler than that of the gloss finish on the High Gloss Laser label material. Just like the two previous label materials, these labels are compatible with laser printers.

If you’re interested in ordering custom printed labels from, the Crystal Clear Gloss Polyester material, High Gloss Laser material and the Gloss Laser label material are all available materials for our printed label customers. The two options available for printed label customers at are:

  1. Printed labels on a sheet
  2. Individual printed labels

The fourth gloss label material from is our White Gloss Inkjet label material. These labels have a white surface color, which makes printing both bight colors and black text easy! These labels are compatible with inkjet printers. Inkjet printers use ink from cartridges. The ink is printed on top of the White Gloss Inkjet label material.

The next time you’re looking for a professional quality gloss finish in label form, remember the four gloss label materials sold at!

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