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Get to Know Security Labels with Enhanced Features

February 27, 2017

According to Label & Narrow Web (L&NW), medical industry products are getting an added seal of protection on customized labels. Schreiner MediPharm—German provider of pharmaceutical labeling solutions—will be presenting its new Security Booklet-Label solutions at the upcoming INTERPHEX NYC in March. The launch of these new security labels could mean great things for the medical industry—including added tamper protection. Below, we’ll discuss these new security labels in more detail, including the digital security features of these new labels.

Added Tamper Protection

In the medical industry, tamper-proof labels are a must. The new Security Booklet-Labels will contain tab serving as part of its closure seal, helping to prevent tampering. When applied to a medication package, the pharmacist will be able to tell if a product has been tampered with, without opening the product and destroying the product’s tamper protection. Additionally, these security customized labels contain three added security features that include BitSecure, KeySecure, and the Label-Integrated NFC Chip.

Added Security Features

The new Security Booklet-Labels come equipped with three outstanding digital features without sacrificing the quality and appearance of your customized labels. These features help to keep patients safe and protected against fabricated medications. Each security feature can easily be accessed via a smartphone—offering consumers convenience and peace-of-mind before taking a medication.

The BitSecure feature makes it difficult for the label to be copied illegally. Fake duplicate labels lose optical details and precision, making it easy to detect that the label is a fake. The KeySecure feature contains a tracing system to identify and authenticate products via the internet or a smartphone.

Lastly, the Label-Integrated NFC Chip must be digitally authenticated using a smartphone. The chip blends in with the design and style of product labels, ensuring that the appearance of the label is not compromised.

The Future of Labels

2017 could be the year of security labels—from smart labels that prevent food spoilage to enhanced customized labels that fight against counterfeiting—security labels are constantly evolving to better the future of product labels. Security labels protect companies and consumers, making security labels a win-win labeling solution.

While certain types of security labels do exist, they are not completely tamper-proof and are moderately easy to replicate. For example, basic clothing tags can easily be ripped or clipped from the clothing item and many QR codes can be copied. However, the future of security labels will change all of that, helping to give consumers the peace-of-mind they deserve.

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