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Gaucho Farms Labels Their Healthy Products With Removable White Polyester Printed Labels!

February 07, 2013

Do you walk through markets and grocery stores searching for healthy foods to feed yourself and your family? Healthy foods, all natural soaps and other ways to keep families happy and healthy are becoming extremely popular.

Meet Gaucho Farms! A family that wanted to grow the kind of food they would feel good about eating started Gaucho Farms in 2008!

Gaucho Farms started as a small effort to feed a family but since has grown into a full-fledged business.

Suzanne from Gaucho Farms shared a fun fact about their business, “the word “gaucho” means cowboy in Argentina.” Continuing on she said, “owner Jorge Sanchez grew up in Gaucho lifestyle on the Pampas of Argentina.”

“The Pampas are vast Argentine grasslands known for supporting large numbers of sheep and cattle”, said Suzanne.

The Gaucho Farms team orders Removable White Polyester printed labels! These labels are used by Gaucho Farms to label their canned products. “Since I recycle jars whenever I can, I absolutely love the removable polyester labels”, she said.

During 2012 alone, Suzanne informed me that Gaucho Farms sold 500 jars of jams, jellies and sauces. This number doesn’t include their sales of beef, lamb, blueberries, eggs, pecans and more, which Gaucho Farms also produces and sells!

The Removable White Polyester labels are great for labeling cans or jars. These labels are durable, tear-resistant and even weatherproof. Gaucho Farms chose a great material for their labeling needs!

“SheetLabels.com has been great to work with from design to delivery”, said Suzanne. Adding, “With a virtually unlimited choice in label shapes, sizes and materials, it’s been easy to fit whatever container I use.”

Have you ever tried any healthy, delicious options from Gaucho Farms? Have you used the Removable White Polyester material? Share your stories and experiences on either our Facebook or Twitter pages.

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